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Quality Management

Strict quality management to establish a competitive advantage
Skincare Quality Control

Quality Control

At Xiran Cosmetic, our goal is to help customers manufacture high-quality products. This means that the products we produce not only be effective, but their safety and stability are also verified.

Error Correction System

Realization of bar code recognition and management of raw material, feeding, discharging and management the Key process to eliminate man-made faults to improve efficiency and quality.

Product Testing

By providing the safest and most effective products to our target customers and their markets. Our products are not only tested during the development and production stages, but also tested before shipment to ensure consistency and stability. We test products regularly.
⇔Specific gravity (sg) test
⇔Ph balance test
⇔Viscosity test
⇔Appearance (aesthetic) test
⇔Smell test
⇔Microbiological test
⇔Stability test
⇔Selective metal testing


At Xiran Cosmetic, we are committed to assisting you in solving the details of regulations compliance issues that may appear in the market. We have many years of experience in the foreign trading. We are familiar with the regulatory process in most countries and can assist in all aspects of registration. We also provide documents that you may need to prove.

►Stability test report
►Product test report

►Certificate of Analysis
►GMP certificate
►Factory manufacturing certificate
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