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Creative Department

We have a team of creative design specialists that will assist you with the entire design process.

Design Services Available

Box Design
Experienced design team to provide you with different styles of packaging color box design, your logo style, container style, container size and product elements match, study your customer market, design can represent your brand unique and eye-catching product design.
Label Design
Our factory has a professional design team capable of providing customized label designs. label design is a visual to deliver a product's details uniquely. A thoughtfully designed label gives legal information about the product, such as its date of manufacturing, ingredients used, method of used, etc., beautifully and precisely.
Custom Colors
The design team will match the colors according to your brand style. You can also send the Pantone color number you need, and then we will customize it according to your needs.
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Label/Box Materials
There are many options for labels and color boxes. The label is divided into background white PE label and bright silver material label. Color box is divided into white card color box and silver card color box. The design team will recommend different materials and processes according to your brand style.
Special Printing Processes
Bottle design can be made label and bottle body screen printing. Labels and color boxes can be done gold stamping, silver stamping, gold leakage, silver leakage, convex, UV, reverse scrub and other processes. Color box and label film is also divided into matte film and bright film.

Designing Process

Concept Communication

We ask that you send us three or four brands/logos/labels that you like. This will help us understand what you are looking for. We also ask for your brand concept. For example are you looking for a very expensive luxury look or a simple yet clean value look. The more information that you provide in regard to the concept, the better we can interpret your brand vision.

Mock ups, Design Finilizing

We will provide a mock-up design for you to review. Provide your feedback so, if needed, we can tweak your design.


When the design is finalized we will print it on the bottle and box you are using. so you can see a real amazing looking product.
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Custom Formulation FAQs

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