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Xiran Cosmetic Manufacturing Capabilities

We Think That Modern Equipment Ensures Great Quality

GMPC 100,000 Class Dynamic Purification Workshop Diagram

The 10K level workshop is set up in strict conformity with GMPC and ISO22716 to reach dynamic standards.

Water Treatment System

Pure water quality is up to pharmaceutical standards due to an advanced first-class reverse osmosis + EDl pure water treatment system.

Intelligent Emulsifying Unit Diagram

To accomplish excellent quality assurance, introduce full emulsification equipment from Germany brand.

PLC Central Control System Diagram

All critical production processes and data are automatically monitored and controlled by intelligent equipment and systems.

Skin Care Manufacturing Processeach Process Is Strictly Monitored.

We Strictly Control Each Process

01 Raw ingredients and packaging materials are neatly stored in the warehouse.
   Inventory will be sorted daily/weekly/monthly, and expired raw materials will be eliminated internally, in order to employ the freshest, highest-quality raw materials and minimize inventory.

  ► The packing materials are also controlled on a regular and quantitative basis to avoid poor quality owing to oversupply and to ensure freshness.

02 Inspection of raw materials and packaging materials
   Color, aroma, and feel of use are all part of the raw material inspection process, as are microbiological examinations to prevent microbial contamination. Simultaneously, a range of testing machines are employed to undertake qualitative inspections of raw materials for ingredient content, color, viscosity, and hardness.

  ► The connection status and appearance inspection of the connecting parts, as well as the size, color, and surface inspection of the external surface, are all part of the packaging materials inspection to ensure that the quality of the raw materials/packaging materials is properly ensured.

03 Precise measurement of raw materials
  ► Raw resources must be measured according to the features of each product in order to make high-quality products. The control program correctly measures the types and contents of raw materials, and the measurement results are recorded in the database. After that, the exact measurement information will be converted into bar codes and affixed to record and manage the raw material’s detailed information.

04 Emulsification
  ► The raw materials will be poured into the manufacture of pot clocks, and production will officially begin. Dissolution, emulsification, dispersion, storage, chilling, and filtration are all part of the cosmetics manufacturing process. Nano-products, among other things, will speed up the process of changing particles into nano-sizes, in addition to the aforementioned processes. A well-coordinated cosmetic manufacturing process is carried out under the supervision of the manufacturing management process, which results in high-quality products.

05 Microbial Detection
  ► Microbiological examination is a critical element in ensuring that product quality is maintained. It not only conducts microbiological inspections on raw materials/products, but also controls microorganisms in the air and human body in the production/packaging workshop, and considers/solves possible occurrences when customers use them in advance.

06 Finished Product Inspection
  ► The appearance inspector will directly use the items from the perspective of customers in terms of color, fragrance, usage design, and so on, in order to assess the quality of finished and semi-finished products, and then make judgments. In addition to physical and chemical testing, the appearance must be qualified in strict conformity with the outgoing control system. Before it can be shipped out, the inspection result must be qualified.

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