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Custom Formulations

Our chemists have many years of experience in formula research and development, and we also cooperate with some chemists in Korea and France, etc.

They discuss together to provide customers with safer, more stable, natural, effective, and innovative customized formulas.

we are fully equipped to develop a custom formula to precisely satisfy your requirements. A custom beauty product is suitable for customers who require:


Customize according to the ingredients you want to add or the effect or texture you want

Sample to Reality​

Copy the formula according to the sample you provide

Concept to Reality​

Just tell us your thoughts and requirements, we can flexibly customize your own unique personalized formula.​

We specialize in developing high-quality, naturally-derived cosmetics for a wide variety of markets.

Feel free to discuss your custom, private label requirements with us.

We assure you that your ideas are kept in the strictest confidence. Our goal is to make you successful when starting a skincare business.

Stocked Formulations

With over 30 years of formulating experience, we believe we’re one of the top private label skin care manufacturers you can find.
We have thousands of stock formulas available for your private label needs.
The advantages of using stock formulas are:

Fast Production

Fast Production introductions, save a tons of time.


no product development costs.​


The formula is stable, tested by the market.​

Our stock formulas contain the most modern, marketable ingredients available, sourced from around the world, including France, Korea, Switzerland, etc.

You will find that our ready-to-sell cosmetics are the perfect fit for your business, and more to satisfy your market!

With our stock formula of private label skincare, you can focus on business management, marketing, and sales – the really creative, fun aspects of being an Indie skincare company.

It can save the cost and time of testing the market, and help you quickly occupy the market.

Custom Formulation FAQs

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