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Research & Development Team

Provides the unmatched level of service and reliability that we commit to our customers.
XIRAN Cosmetics Research Institute is constantly studying product types and skin problems.
Through sampling analysis and hot selling trend product analysis, excellent products for different skin problems are developed.
For skin care issues such as whitening, anti-aging, wrinkle improvement, we have a mature, stable and safe formula and a portfolio of popular products, and we often communicate with excellent laboratories around the world.
Our outstanding business and development teams enable us to provide reliable and unmatched service to our customers.
Formula Development & Research Group
Pre-Mass Production Formulation Test Group
Skin Type Analysis
Sampling Analysis
Functional patent application
Technical Cooperation

Full Tests to Ensure Product Quality

▲ Formulation’s Stability Test

▲ Formulation’s Thermal Abuse Test

▲ Provide In-House Testing Report

▲ Manufacturing Process and Technology Research Group

▲ Create SOP of effectively Manufacturing Process Solution

▲ Make High Functions and Safety Formulation

▲ Ensure manufacturing raw material, semi- raw material, packing material, finished products’ quality

▲ Examine bacteria of raw material, semi- raw material and finished products

▲ Examine products’ quality of raw materials & final products

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