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Is chamomile good and safe for baby skin?

May 13, 2023
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Chamomile extract, an ingredient widely used in cosmetics, is derived from natural chamomile flowers. Chamomile contains volatile oil, flavonoids, amino acids, chlorogenic acid and trace elements, with antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, soothing anti-sensitivity and other biological activities, can play a role in preventing allergies, moisturizing, acne prevention and anti-aging and other effects.

Chamomile extract is extracted from natural plants, high safety, soothing and calming effects are obvious and other highlights. These highlights have made it a popular ingredient in skin care products, especially baby skin care products. Is chamomile good and safe for baby skin? What are the specific effects of chamomile? How does it work? What brand of baby care products in the international market use it as the main ingredient? Are there any other similar natural baby care ingredients recommended? Let’s explore together.

Natural & mild ingredients star

Chamomile is a daisy-like flower that belongs to the Compositae family. It is native to Europe and Asia, but can now be found growing in many parts of the world. Flowers are harvested when they are in bloom and dried for use in a variety of products. The active ingredients in chamomile are flavonoids, which have calming and soothing properties. Chamomile is one of the most commonly used ingredients in baby care products, used in lotions, creams and ointments. Due to its natural and gentle extraction, it is perfect for baby products seeking natural, safe and gentle characteristics. It use in cosmetics can reduce the amount of preservatives added and improve the gentleness of cosmetics.

Soothing Star

Chamomile extract is known to help soothe and calm irritated skin. It has a calming effect on the skin and can help soothe rashes, the baby skin discomfort associated with eczema. In addition to being good for the skin, chamomile can also be used to help babies relax and sleep better. Its calming effects can help reduce stress and anxiety in babies, making it ideal for a bedtime routine. Chamomile is also a popular ingredient in baby shampoos and body washes because of its preservative properties. It can help keep the scalp clean and free of bacteria, while also relieving itching and dryness. It can also be used as a natural alternative to harsh chemicals found in many baby shampoos and body washes.

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-allergy star

Chamomile has more complex components, among which volatile oil and flavonoids play more anti-inflammatory effects. Its mechanism of action is mainly to inhibit the production of cellular inflammatory factors and play a role, which can be applied to a variety of inflammatory reactions, especially adjuvant therapy of chronic inflammation. Chamomile extract can inhibit the activity of Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus and candida albicans.

Regulate water and oil and delay aging star

Chamomile extract is good for skin care because it is rich in flavonoids. It can also adjust the balance of water and oil in the skin, accelerate the healing of acne, and delay skin aging. Chamomile extract is often added to facial masks to provide deep hydration and quick relief to sensitive skin. It can protect the skin from the damage of the external environment, increase the skin barrier, maintain and repair skin, and maintain skin health.

Related well-known international skin care brands and products

Well-known brands Johnson’s baby line includes several products containing chamomile, such as baby shampoo and shampoo, baby lotion, baby oil, baby powder and baby wipes. Another well-known brand, Aveeno, whose baby line also includes several products containing chamomile, such as Baby Soothing Cream Lotion, Baby Soothing Moisturizing Cream Oil, Baby Soothing Moisturizing Cream Lotion and Baby Soothing Moisturizing Cream Lotion. Other popular brands that use chamomile in their baby care products include Burt’s Bees, California baby, Earth Mama Angel baby, Mustela, Nature’s baby Organics, Seventh Generation, SheaMoisture, Weleda, etc.

Are there any other similar natural baby care ingredients recommended?

Besides chamomile extract, other natural plant ingredients are also popular with consumers. These ingredients are also used in many baby skin care brands. As follows:

Calendula Extract: This extract is used in products from brands such as Weleda, Burt’s Bees, and Earth Mama Angel Baby.

Aloe Vera Extract: This extract is used in products from brands such as Johnson’s, Aveeno, and Cetaphil.

Lavender Extract: This extract is used in products from brands such as California Baby, Mustela, and Burt’s Bees.

Jojoba Oil: This oil is used in products from brands such as California Baby, Burt’s Bees, and Earth Mama Angel Baby.

Shea Butter: This butter is used in products from brands such as Burt’s Bees, California Baby, and Aveeno.

How do I start using chamomile extract in my hair care business and daily care?

When it comes to your baby daily baby care routine, you can choose products based on chamomile extract. By using regular products such as baby oil, baby shampoo, baby body wash, baby hair conditioner, the skin and hair soothing, skin nourishment, skin and scalp anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-allergy effects of this ingredient can be seen after a period of use.

When you want to start a related baby care brand business, you can start from the baby care set, we can help you develop different ingredients, different effects of baby care chain products.               

For example, starting with products such as baby skin and hair soothing sets, with chamomile as the main ingredient, we can customize mature formulations and customize the packaging you need to help you produce high quality products and build brand value.

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