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What is the difference between a lip liner and a lip brush?

March 10, 2022
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Both lip liner and lip brush are used for lip makeup, but the former belongs to cosmetics and the latter belongs to makeup tools, so the difference is still obvious.

A lip liner is a self-tinting lip gloss product. Its main function is to outline the lip line and modify the lip shape. When painting lip makeup, you can first apply lip balm, but do not apply too much, otherwise it will not be easy to color, then use a lip liner to outline the lip line, try to choose the color of the lipstick that is similar to the lip lines, and finally apply the lipstick.

Well, this lip makeup is perfect.

A lip brush is a makeup tool, which belongs to one of the makeup brushes. Its function is similar to a lip liner, and it can also outline the lip line; there are differences, and it can also fill in color.

In fact, the biggest difference between the two is that one has a color and the other has no color. The lip liner has color and can be used directly; while the lip brush has no color, you need to pick the color on the lipstick, and you need to wash it after use.

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