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What is a “Moisturizing Cream”

April 19, 2022
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Moisturizing cream is a facial cream that provides essential hydration to the skin. It is a crucial product in our skincare routine as it effectively moisturizes the skin. Proper moisturization is the key to basic skincare, as it replenishes the skin with the necessary moisture it needs to stay healthy and hydrated.

When to Use Moisturizer: Understanding the Importance of Proper Skincare

Moisturizing cream is formulated with a significant amount of oil. During the dry autumn and winter seasons, when the skin tends to lose moisture quickly, using moisturizing cream can create a protective barrier on the skin’s surface. This barrier helps slow down water loss and enhance the skin’s resilience against external irritants.

Typically, moisturizing cream is applied after using a toner and serum. It is particularly beneficial for individuals with dry skin as it helps to retain moisture and alleviate dryness.

Due to its oil content, using moisturizer in the morning provides better skin protection. However, if applied excessively before bedtime, the skin may become overwhelmed with oil, hindering its natural nighttime repair process.

How to use face cream correctly

In autumn and winter, the temperature is low, the metabolism slows down, and the sebum becomes semi-solid and stays in the pores. The texture of facial cream is generally more prosperous and has a significant moisturizing effect. It is usually suitable for dry and normal skin and is used in autumn, winter, and at night; it is best to choose a cream with a higher oil content.

Generally speaking, during the day, you can use a particular day cream that contains a variety of resistance factors to help the skin fight against external aggression. At night, you can use a night cream containing various repair ingredients to help condition your skin.

Under normal circumstances, using facial cream is the last step of primary skin care. The bare skin care steps are cleansing, toner, mask, toner, lotion, and cream. Of course, you can also omit some previous steps based on your situation. At this point, I want to remind everyone that you must choose the appropriate essence before using facial cream so that the effectiveness of the facial cream can be maximized! It can stimulate cell activity and repair skin problems.

In terms of texture, most moisturizing cream are emulsions of oil and water, giving them the consistency of a cream or lotion. However, formulations with higher concentrations of water can feel more like a gel (and are often oil-free), while those with a lot of oil tend to be thicker and richer.

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