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Washing hair is in the morning or at night

April 22, 2022
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My friend and me said that since she began to wash her head at night, her hair was getting worse. For example, after the hair was washed one night, the oil was serious about the next day. After every day, the hair is more harmful, and hair loss also seems to be more serious.

She is checked online, some people can’t wash their eyes at night, some people can’t shake their heads in the morning, and some people say that every day, the hair is really increasingly loves oil, but also aggravates hair loss, long dandruff. I don’t know what to do this.

There are two “factions” controversy in the shampoo, and one confessed in the morning washing, and a place thought was unhealthy at night.

But the truth is: as long as you don’t have a look at the bed, you can use it, or use it cold, overheated water wash, this situation can be avoided.

Washing the head in the evening is not too late to wash, the water temperature is suitable, and the hair is blown well before going to bed, and there will be no problem.

But I can say this, 99% of people have done a mistake.

  1. Shampoo directly fell in the scalp
    Many people have troublesome, directly pour water on the top, and then lick. Any shampoo is inherently inherent to chemical preparations, contacting chemical products directly with scalp, stimulating scalp, long, can bring injury.
  2. Hair just wet and wet
    Many people have a little wet, and they began to apply shampoo into their hair, so there is no way to clean it. Before the hair is washed, it should be built first in hair and scalp for more than 1 minute, remove seven eighth of dirt, and then scabbed the shampoo to the hair.
  3. Wash it immediately
    After washing the head, choose the natural air dry, the beautiful name is small to the hair. But this process is in an open state, it is easy to contaminate the dust in the air. It should first use the electric hair dryer to blow the water surface, and then blow it with the cold fan to close the ryngeal layer.
  4. Conditioner wipp
    Many people think that the hair conditioner stays in the hair, the longer the hair, the more embarrassing hair. In fact, it does not increase the absorption effect for a long time, and most of the conditioners can only be used for passage. Direct application in the scalp, easy to cause irritation, blockage, destroy the ecological balance of scalp, and cause inflammation.

Washing this, no matter in the morning, noon or at night, as long as you are not uncomfortable, you can wash any time. Moreover, there are too many shampoo that will lead to hair loss, and the scientific statement is unscientific.

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