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Top Private Label Hair Care Manufacturers in North America

June 26, 2024
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Market Overview of North America

In 2024, the Hair Care market in North America is projected to generate revenue of US$16.52bn. The market is anticipated to experience an annual growth rate of 1.19% (CAGR 2024-2028). When compared globally, the United States leads in revenue generation, with an estimated revenue of US$13,600m in 2024. Considering the total population, the per-person revenue in North America is expected to be US$32.37 in 2024. The North American hair care market has a growing trend towards natural and organic products, driven by consumer demand for clean and sustainable options.

natural hair manufacturer

The uniqueness of hair care product choice preferences in North America

Diversity in Hair Types and Needs

North America’s multicultural population demands a broad range of hair care products tailored to different hair textures, from straight to curly, coily, and afro-textured hair. This leads to a market that offers specialized products addressing the specific needs of each hair type, such as moisture retention for curly hair and anti-frizz solutions for humid climates.

Focus on Natural and Clean Ingredients

North American consumers increasingly prioritize products made with natural, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. They seek formulations free from sulfates, parabens, and silicones, reflecting a shift toward cleaner and more sustainable beauty practices.

Your Guide to Finding the Premier Private Label Hair Care Manufacturers in North America

Define Your Brand Identity and Product Vision:
Clearly articulate your brand’s ethos, target audience, and product requirements. This clarity will guide your selection process.

Research and Shortlist:
Compile a list of manufacturers based on their specialization, certifications (such as USDA Organic, Leaping Bunny for cruelty-free), and production capabilities that align with your brand’s needs.

Quality and Compliance Check:
Verify each manufacturer’s adherence to industry standards, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance processes: request documentation and third-party certifications.

quality and compliance check

Customization and Innovation Capacity:
Assess their ability to create unique formulations tailored to your specifications and inquire about their R&D capabilities for future product development.

Production Flexibility and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):
Understand each manufacturer’s MOQs and scalability potential to ensure they can accommodate your current and future volume needs.

Pricing and Lead Times:
Obtain detailed quotes, including pricing structures, lead times, and associated costs, such as labeling and packaging.

Communication and Support:
Evaluate their responsiveness, customer service, and willingness to collaborate closely with your brand throughout production.

Factory Visits and Sample Testing:
Whenever possible, arrange visits or virtual tours to assess facilities firsthand—request samples to test the quality and performance of their products.

sample testing

By meticulously following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to identify and partner with a private-label hair care manufacturer in North America that meets and exceeds your expectations, setting your brand on a path to success in this competitive yet lucrative market.

Study prominent hair care brands in North America for potential competition


Originating from the United States, Olaplex is a brand that focuses on hair repair and strengthening. Its star product line revolves around “bond-building” technology, which aims to rebuild damaged hair from the inside. It is trendy among users who frequently dye and perm their hair. Olaplex sells its products through offline professional salon channels, its official website, and e-commerce platforms, achieving full channel coverage.


Briogeo’s product range covers shampoos, conditioners, essential oils, etc. Briogeo is a brand that specializes in providing hair care products with natural ingredients. Briogeo’s products are highly recognized for their clean chemical composition and healthy hair care concepts. They are made with non-hazardous ingredients such as no sulfates, silicones, terephthalates, phthalates, DEA, and artificial colors.

briogeo hair care 1


The DevaCurl brand originated in the United States and specializes in the care of naturally curly and wavy hair. Its products precisely address the specific needs of curly hair, such as moisturizing, bouncing, and reducing frizz, while providing a full range of care from cleansing to moisturizing to styling. Each product is meticulously designed to give curly hair a radiant glow and an effortlessly glamorous look.

Understanding Ingredients for Better Hair Care

Squalane: This lightweight oil absorbs quickly and deeply nourishes the hair without making it greasy. It helps to improve the shine and softness of the hair and prevents explicitly split ends and breakage. For example, HABA’s Squalane Conditioner is based on this ingredient.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Commonly used for moisturizing, sodium hyaluronate can effectively lock in moisture in the hair, making the hair look fuller and healthier.

Vitamin E: As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E can protect the hair from environmental damage, promote scalp health, and help reduce hair damage caused by oxidative stress.

Hamamelis Virginiana Extract: It has soothing and antioxidant properties. It can help balance scalp oils and reduce scalp inflammation. It is beneficial to improve scalp health and promote hair strength.

Natural oils: Argan Oil, Argan Oil, or Coconut Oil; these natural oils are rich in essential fatty acids and can deeply nourish the hair, repair damage, increase shine, and reduce frizz.

natural oils

Protein and amino acids: Protein and amino acids are critical for strengthening hair structure and preventing breakage, especially for hair that is frequently chemically treated or heat damaged.

Plant extracts: Such as seaweed extract and green tea extract, are commonly found in hair care products due to their antioxidant and nourishing properties, which can help improve hair elasticity and shine.

Keratin: Particularly beneficial for repairing and strengthening hair structure, especially for consumers looking to increase hair strength and prevent breakage.

North American Premium Private Label Skincare Manufacturer

Universal Beauty Products Inc.

Universal Beauty Products Inc., located in Illinois, is a family-owned company that offers a comprehensive range of private-label hair care manufacturing services. They specialize in developing innovative formulations and packaging solutions, catering to various segments, from salon-quality to natural and organic products.


KDC/ONE: Headquartered in New York, KDC/One (Knowlton Development Corporation) is a leading contract manufacturer of personal care and beauty products, including hair care. They offer various services, from R&D to packaging, focusing on sustainability and innovation. KDC/One serves global brands and emerging startups alike.

kdcone hair care manufacturer


Cosmopak is a global leader in beauty packaging and private label manufacturing, with locations in the U.S. They specialize in custom formulations and innovative packaging solutions for hair care products, serving brands from indie startups to multinational corporations.

Xiran Cosmetics

Xiran Cosmetics offers personalized products tailored to individual needs, providing comprehensive services from market research to final packaging. Their production processes adhere to GMP and ISO quality standards, and they furnish you with MSDS and COA for both raw materials and products, aiding you in product registration in your country. Their dedication to quality, competitive pricing, and distinctive offerings have made them successful in Chinese and global beauty markets. Although Xiran Cosmetics is not in North America, they can provide affordable, high-quality products, which is also a great choice.


Expanding a brand in the North American market necessitates two critical elements: finding reliable suppliers and gaining market insights. The significance of this dual approach cannot be overstated. First, identifying reputable suppliers ensures access to high-quality, cost-effective products, a crucial factor in a competitive market like North America. Second, understanding the North American market’s nuances, consumer preferences, and regulatory requirements is equally vital. The hair care market in North America has great potential, but there are few custom factories for hair care products. Finding the right hair care customization factory is crucial to your brand development. Therefore, you can customize high-quality products in China’s skincare factories. Xiran Factory will be a good choice for you.

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