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Top 8 private label body oil manufacturers

May 10, 2024
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The global body oil market has been growing steadily in recent years. Body oil refers to skin care products that have therapeutic effects on the skin. They are widely used to moisturize and nourish the skin. They have a variety of functions, such as moisturizing, rejuvenating, and aromatherapy. Consumers are increasingly looking for clean, natural, and sustainable products. The global organic body oil market is experiencing some emerging and current trends. However, there are so many body oil manufacturers in the market; how do you know which one suits you or your brand? Read carefully below to find the proper manufacturer.

Lady Burd

Lady Burd high-quality private label body oil manufacturer, offering private label and custom formula options. It is committed to producing high-quality, high-margin cosmetics, skincare, and personal care products to help customers create their beauty brands. Whether you’re looking for something big or small, there are options to help you get started quickly and easily.

Body oil made by Lady Burd helps improve skin elasticity and moisture for a healthy, all-over glow. They have high quality, low minimum order quantities, full-color custom labels, and design services can also be provided upon request. You can also work with their lab to design your custom color or formula. A good choice is Lady Burd, a US-based skin care manufacturer with a history of over 50 years that is dedicated to taking the brand to new heights.

lady burd body oil manufacturer

Xiran Skin Care

Xiran Skin Care is a professional organic private label body oil manufacturer with a reliable R&D team and sales team that can customize unique formulas of high-quality body oil according to customer requirements—committed to producing high-quality natural and organic products using sustainably sourced raw materials and complete quality traceability system. Make your products stand out by customizing your cosmetics to fit the solution you want to provide your customers.

Body oil products use only 100% guaranteed natural and organic ingredients. Add various popular ingredients like almond, coconut, argan, vanilla, lemon, olive, and more. Design a unique natural body oil formula that fits your brand and customer base. Extensive body oil production experience can provide exciting ideas and unique qualities. Created according to your needs, they do more than manufacture your customized skin care products; they also hope to help you build your brand and achieve long-term win-win cooperation.

guangzhou xiran cosmetics co. ltd

Bo International

BO International is India’s leading private label manufacturer of hydrating body oils and a third-party contract company with state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and the latest equipment and machinery to produce natural personal care products as per high quality and safety standards Cosmetics, providing the industry’s most comprehensive cosmetic packaging solutions, using innovative raw materials and ingredients to make your products stand out in the market, GMP+ISO+FDA compliant facilities to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

They produce high-quality private-label moisturizing body oils to lock in moisture in the skin. Moisturizing body oil is an excellent anti-aging product, making moist skin more elastic and preventing dull skin from appearing. Moisturizing body oil is produced using standardized and certified international processes, taking all the beneficial active elements, clinically tested and proven, with the best level of research and development to explore your needs and wishes, perfect private label manufacturing of body oil brands business.

hydrating body oils manufacturer

New Look Cosmetics

New Look Cosmetics is a leading body oils contract manufacturer in the United States. It has an advanced cosmetic formulation laboratory and provides experience and expertise in body oil products. It also includes product development, R&D formulations, marketing support, regulatory support, contract drafting, and Quality Control; all raw materials undergo rigorous multi-level quality and safety inspections by our in-house quality management team, ensuring the final formula contains only the highest quality ingredients.

They specialize in the formulation and manufacturing of high-quality body oil products that customers around the world wow! They utilize cutting-edge formulation development technology, equipment, methods, and innovations to develop world-class formulas tailored to the needs of all skin types, age groups, and genders. With over 50 years of experience in developing makeup and skin care products, they are committed to delivering only the highest-quality formulas.

new look cosmetics body oil manufacturer

My Skincare Manufacturer

My skincare manufacturer is the leading body oil manufacturer in the skin care industry, using only natural and organic ingredients that are 100% guaranteed to create unique formulas based on your needs, designing aromatherapy that suits your product and customer base, making body oils with the essential things in mind The aspect is purity, formulated in the most scientifically advanced proportions to deliver the dramatic improvements in skin quality that customers expect.

They guarantee their customers low-quantity, high-quality, handmade, and strictly confidential cosmetic products. They are a professional manufacturer in Australia, using advanced product and manufacturing technology, with an uncompromising commitment to quality, guaranteed to be natural and gentle. Take your skincare regimen to the next level with skin care contract manufacturing services of high-quality body oils based on unique formulas. They provide packaging, printing, and design. It is a body oil manufacturer with rich experience and capabilities.

my skincare manufacturer body oil


Tyoemcosmetic is a trusted body oil manufacturer & supplier specializing in the customization of private label body oils in various forms, dosages, and types, providing body oil products in multiple formulations, packaging, and ingredients. There are mainly rosehip firming body oil, olive pregnancy body oil, squalane shea body oil, and vitamin C body oil. Each has a unique formula and provides a one-stop solution for you to build your brand quickly.

They have a group of experienced and certified engineers, designers, and sales consultants, as well as a strong packaging supply chain, providing the broadest range of packaging customization services, advanced testing, production, and packaging capabilities, and equipment so that your ideas can be transformed into It has become a reality. What you get is not only high-quality products but also high-quality services and a high degree of satisfaction. It is a powerful skincare product manufacturer.

body oil manufacturer supplier


Ausmetics is an OEM and private label body oil manufacturer; its main product types are shower oil, beauty, and skincare oil; providing private labeling and contract drafting services with over 26 years of experience as a global cosmetics contract manufacturer’s expertise, serving the global beauty market Create cost-effective, high-quality, innovative body oil products.

Ausmetics has cutting-edge technology and world-class research and development capabilities, providing excellent customer service to meet the various needs of customers in formulation, design, packaging, manufacturing, and delivery. Formulations can be tailored to your specifications. It has passed DERMA testing, CPSR, GMP, ISO 22716 certification, FDA registration, SGS, and other strict testing. Is a perfect skin care product manufacturer.

ausmetics private label body oil manufacturer


Ariel Cosmetic is an experienced body oil manufacturer committed to high-quality skin care OEM/ODM manufacturing, with 20+ years of experience in the cosmetics industry, accepting small MOQ requirements, and a professional pre-sales and after-sales team to meet your needs and respond quickly. The main product series includes chamomile multi-purpose oil, lavender multi-purpose oil, rosemary multi-purpose oil, rose multi-purpose oil, etc.

They have accumulated more than ten years in the cosmetics industry and have 10,000+ mature formula systems, covering almost all categories of skin care products, formula systems for skin problems, functional formula systems, and a variety of different packaging materials to choose from. This allows your brand to stand out and ensure the product is suitable for your needs.

ariel cosmetic body oil manufacturer


If you want to start a body oil business, you can choose a suitable manufacturer for your brand after analyzing the above body oil manufacturers. Among them, Xiran Skincare is a good choice. With 15 years of experience, it is a professional manufacturer. Cosmetic OEM manufacturers are engaged in skin care, body care, hair care, and mother and baby care products, providing body oil product OEM/ODM assistance to entrepreneurs worldwide, whether they have a clear concept of body oil products or need innovative help. Xiran can also assist in research and development, marketing, fulfillment, and other aspects.

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