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Top 8 lip balm manufacturers in the world

June 8, 2024
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In the competitive beauty and skincare industry, it is very important to find the right partner to start your own brand lip balm business. Whether you are a budding startup or a well-known brand looking to expand your product line, the right lip balm manufacturer will make you stand out in the market.

Here, we introduce the top 8 lip balm manufacturers in the world. Each manufacturer has unique advantages. They are industry leaders, providing natural and organic solutions, focusing on quality, innovation and sustainability to meet the personalized needs of consumers. When you want to create the perfect lip balm production line, you can consider these top lip balm manufacturers to expand your skincare business.

Eco Lips

Eco Lips stands at the forefront of the organic lip balm industry, providing comprehensive contract manufacturing services. They excel in creating revolutionary formulas or reinventing existing ones, combining science, technology, and nature to produce innovative products that customers will love. As a top lip balm manufacturer, Eco Lips has unique insights into lip care products and very professional knowledge in flavor matching, custom formulas, formula matching, and communication. It combines science and nature with our creativity and is committed to creating products that satisfy customers.

eco lips

Xiran Skincare

Xiranskincare is a premium private label lip balm manufacturer that uses selected natural ingredients and is committed to creating high-quality private label lip balms. You can use our existing professional formulas or create unique natural lip balm formulas based on your needs. Xiran’s team is composed of experienced scientists and industry experts. Whether you need personalized skin care consultation, sample development, packaging design, production, quality assurance, global shipping, or marketing support, we can provide professional support. Provide the perfect solution for your needs, design lip balms that suit your brand and customer base, help you achieve business growth, and build your skincare brand.

private label lip balm manufacturer

Global Cosmetics

Global Cosmetics is a professional OEM/ODM lip balm manufacturer made from premium ingredients with a wide range of options to work with; they have an industry-leading research team that can develop products from scratch, reverse engineer, or use our tried and tested formulas, also COSMOS certified to make your desired formula 100% natural. The primary lip balm ranges are Designer Lip Balm, Classic Lip Balm, and Lip Gloss, which can meet all your business needs and help your brand stand out.

global cosmetic

Dynamic Blending

Dynamic Blending is a private label lip gloss and lip care product contract manufacturer that uses the highest quality ingredients. Their R&D team will turn your lip care ideas into reality. They provide more than just production services; they also help with innovation, R&D, marketing, fulfillment, etc. Whether you are a startup, an emerging entrepreneur, an established enterprise, etc., you can get the most innovative global cosmetics manufacturing solutions.


Ty cosmetics

Ty cosmetics is a trusted private label organic lip balm manufacturer, providing a one-stop solution to build your brand quickly. TY Cosmetic has an experienced and certified team of engineers, designers, sales consultants, and production personnel engaged in the research and development of different lip care products. The primary lip balm series include Vaseline, Shea Butter, Honey Men’s Lip Balm, etc. Every step of TY Cosmetic’s production process is carefully managed and inspected, using detailed standard operating procedures, and it has more than twelve years of OEM ODM experience. It has established a mature supply chain, solving problems such as unstable quality, poor communication, and high scattered customer collection costs.

ty cosmetics

Bo International

Bo International is a leading private label lip balm manufacturers in India, offering private label, custom formulation, custom packaging, and contract manufacturing of lip balm products, produced using standardized and certified international processes to extract beneficial active ingredients and produce natural personal care cosmetics with high quality and safety standards. They offer lip balm production formulations for any customization and required custom packaging options, with a customer satisfaction rate close to 100%, making them a global leader in the private label industry with their extensive manufacturing services.

bo international lip balm manufacturer

Lady Burd

Lady Burd is a tinted lip balm manufacturer in New York, USA, offering private label and custom formula options to help you create your own beauty brand and realize your dream. It has been committed to producing high-quality, high-profit cosmetics and skin care products; the main product lines are glitter cream with vitamin E and lip balm, using luxury black, matte black box, silver view box, and other packaging styles. Lady Burd provides 100% turnkey service, from custom formula to custom label to custom logo and artwork, low MOQ, and high quality, so you can quickly realize the dream of owning your production line and building your brand.

lady burd

New Look Cosmetics

New Look Cosmetics is a leading lip balm contract manufacturer in California, USA, committed to building strong customer relationships, providing excellent R&D services, and producing high-quality products. Whether you want to use their advanced formulas to make products or create your existing formulas, you can use the most experience, expertise, and quality technology tailored to your business needs, focusing on the formulation and manufacturing of high-quality lip balm products. They are committed to helping you realize your vision, make your brand stand out, and enhance your brand image.

new look cosmetics


Choosing the right partner is the key to brand success for partners who want to enter the local lip balm market quickly. After the above introduction to the top 8 lip balm manufacturers, you can choose the manufacturer that best suits you, create high-quality customized products, enhance your brand’s uniqueness and market competitiveness, and achieve efficient production and rapid market response.

If you want high-end customized services and a partner with professional knowledge, please consider xiran skincare and contact us immediately to help your brand succeed, expand its influence, and attract more consumers.

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