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How to use hair conditioner correctly

March 15, 2022
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85% of consumers spend about 15-30 minutes on hair care, but many say their hair is still brittle and breakable despite daily use of hair care products. So do conditioners really work?

Protect and Nourish Your Hair: Importance of Hair Conditioner

From a scientific point of view, if you frequently subject your hair to activities such as blow-drying, sun exposure, or perming, it is crucial to use a conditioner regularly. These activities can have damaging effects on your hair, leading to issues such as dryness, knots, breakage, and other related problems. Blow-drying your hair often involves the use of heat, which can strip away the natural moisture from your hair strands, leaving them dry and brittle. Excessive sun exposure can also cause damage by depleting the hair’s natural oils and proteins, resulting in dryness and increased vulnerability to breakage.

Revitalize and Protect Your Hair with Hair Conditioner

The surface of healthy hair is composed of a set of cuticles and naturally secreted oils to form the protective film of the hair. Excessive washing, perm, and sun exposure will damage this natural protective film, resulting in the loss of moisture in the cortex, drying the hair and losing its elasticity. And softness, only regular use of conditioner can create a long-lasting hair protection film that keeps hair safe from damage.

Precautions for using conditioner:

Do not apply conditioner to the roots of the hair

When using the conditioner, apply the conditioner evenly to the hair, focusing on the ends of the hair, do not apply it to the roots of the hair, otherwise it will strengthen the secretion of scalp oil, causing the hair to look greasy quickly, and then massage the hair gently. 1 minute, then rinse off with lukewarm water. It is also a good tip to let the conditioner stay on the hair for 5 minutes after massaging, so that the hair can fully absorb the nutrients of the conditioner.

Change conditioner brands frequently

Just like we have to change our shampoo frequently. A brand of conditioner, in terms of ingredients, the formula is mostly close, single. Therefore, it is best to change the brand of conditioner, or a different series, which should be used up in about 3 months, and appropriately replace the conditioner with other brands or other effects.

How to use hair conditioner correctly
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