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How to tackle hair fall with homemade shampoos?

June 1, 2021
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Hair fall is one problem every man or a woman suffers from. Not only it leads to baldness which is irreversible but also reduces confidence. Here is a list of various homemade herbal shampoos for hair fall that one can churn out and use without any fear of hair damage.


Coconut and egg combined together make one of the best herbal shampoo for hair fall. Coconut is known to promote hair growth and make them thick. Coconut milk also strengthens the hair root and brings natural shine to hair. Being rich in vitamin E and fats, it also moisturizes the hair and helps in overcoming hair loss. Egg is also known to bring natural shine and prevent split ends.


2 tablespoons fresh coconut milk
1 egg


In a bowl combine two tablespoons fresh coconut milk and one beaten egg and make a slurry
Apply it on the hair carefully starting from roots to the tips and leave it on for an hour
Thereafter, wash with cold water
Repeat the process weekly for desired effects


Aloe vera is known as a magic ingredient for both hair and skin. It not only moisturizes the scalp but also helps in balancing the pH levels, thereby promoting hair growth. Lemon, known for its acidic properties fights dandruff and keeps the scalp clean and infection free. When combined together, aloe vera and lemon make the best herbal shampoo for hair loss and dandruff.

2 tablespoons aloe vera gel
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

In a bowl, combine both the ingredients and make a thick to runny consistency paste
Wet your hair and gently apply the mixture to the roots and slowly reaching to the tip
Tie your hair into a pony and cover with a cloth and keep it on for 30-35 minutes
Thereafter, wash the hair with cold water and repeat the process twice a week for desired results


Neem leaves are known to be antiseptic and enriched with anti-bacterial properties that help in resolving the problem of hair fall and dandruff. It is also known to promote hair growth, stimulate blood flow in th scalp and get rid of lice. Amla or Indian gooseberry, on the other hand, nourishes the hair and provide them with natural shine and thickness. It is rich in vitamin C and hence strengthens the root, preventing hair fall and build collagen. It also prevents premature hair graying.


10-12 leaves of neem
Pulp of 2 amla or gooseberry


In a vessel boil 10-12 neem leaves for 5-10 minutes
Once the leaves have boiled and become squishy, add the puree of amla to it and mix well
Now, apply this mixture on wet hair and keep it on for 45-50 minutes
Wash with cold water and repeat the process at least twice a week to get rid of hair fall and other scalp related problems over a period of time


Now what problem can the perfect combination of yogurt and honey not solve? Yogurt is a natural conditioner and contains vitamin B5 and proteins that strengthen hair roots. It helps clean the scalp and remove dead cells from the surface. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and moisturizes the hair roots. Thus, stimulating growth of strong and moisturized hair. Trust us when we say, this is the best mild shampoo for hair loss and other scalp and hair related conditions.


1 tablespoon fresh yogurt
1 teaspoon honey


In a bowl mix one tablespoon fresh yogurt and a teaspoon of honey and make a paste
Wet the hair and apply the mixture
Keep it on for 15-20 minutes and wash off with cold water
Apply it weekly to naturally condition hair


One of the major causes of hair fall is dandruff. If you are experiencing too much hair fall, try to tackle the underlying problem of dandruff with the help of this amazing homemade shampoo. Fenugreek is known to restore damaged hair roots and follicles. Yogurt and honey condition hair by moisturizing the scalp. Thereby, giving you healthy and strong hair.


1/2 cup fenugreek seeds soaked overnight
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon fresh yogurt


Soak fenugreek seeds in 1 cup water overnight
In a mixer, grind overnight soaked fenugreek seeds into a paste
To the paste add one tablespoon honey and the same amount of fresh yogurt
Apply the paste on wet hair and keep it on for 30-45 minutes
Wash with cold water and repeat this best herbal shampoo for hair loss and dandruff, at least once a week.

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