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How to start your own skin care line

January 20, 2022
Table of Contents
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A set of the most complete and complete skin care sequence and correct steps

  1. Makeup remover to remove makeup

There are very few girls who don’t wear makeup now. You must know that boys have started to wear makeup, so at least you should have a liquid foundation when you go out. In this case, makeup removal is very important. It is recommended that you use makeup remover. Use that kind of cleansing oil. Oils are not as easy to use as water, and they are not as refreshing as water. The beginning of a good skin care must start with removing makeup. Remove the makeup from your face first.

  1. Facial soap

Wash the face with a little foam, because the makeup remover was used just now, and the face is already clean, so you can’t use a cleanser that is too strong.

  1. Facial spray

This refers to the face steamer. Turning on the function of thermal spray can help the facial skin to quickly open the pores, and because it is opened by water vapor, if the pores are dirty, they will float on the water mist and will not enter the pores, which is relatively safe.

  1. Eye wash

This product has just become popular in the past two years, and it is very suitable for people. Everyone is looking at electronic products every day, and their eyes are quite tired and uncomfortable. Jimei, who often wears make-up, often has cloudy eyes. Any mascara slag and eye shadow slag quietly enter the eyes, clouding our eyes.

  1. Eye lotion

After washing the eyes, put some eye drops into the eyes to relieve fatigue. Of course, some customers don’t need it if they are uncomfortable, but most customers still like to use it, because it is really comfortable after dripping.

  1. Cleansing Mask

Often in the first few steps, the dirt in the pores has been steamed out, so at this time use a cleansing mask, which can be a smear type, which is better than a mask type. This is not what I said, it is the feedback of most customers. . I concluded that the smear-type may solidify the floating ash, while the mask-like type is easy to soak the floating ash into the pores and cause acne, so most customers prefer the smear-type cleansing mask.

  1. Clear acne

Some customers will have a few pimples on their face. At this time, we need our beauty salon to use beauty equipment to help customers clean up the dirt in the pimples. After cleaning, apply iodophor.

  1. Suck blackheads

Use a blackhead suction device to suck out the blackheads on both sides of the customer’s nose, because people with large pores on the nose, the nose should be treated separately.

  1. Nose stickers

After inhaling the nose, put on the nose sticker, deeply suck the nose sticker for blackheads, and do a thorough cleaning of the nose.

  1. Massage cream

At this time, the whole face is basically cleaned and thoroughly cleaned, and then the massage cream is applied to the customer’s face. The beauty salon massages, lifts, and massages the facial acupuncture points. If you have time, you can come to our beauty salon to try it. Anyone will fall in love with this step. , because it is so comfortable.

  1. Warm water cleaning

Rinse off the massage cream with lukewarm water and begin the steps of nourishing the skin.

  1. Hydrating mask

Put on a moisturizing mask. After cleaning your face a few times just now, the skin may be dehydrated, so the fastest way to moisturise is to apply a moisturizing mask. We use the Netchio seaweed particle mask. Because it is natural, it can be applied for 45 minutes. I won’t feel uncomfortable. Customers like us and don’t want to leave. They want to stay for a while. Haha, if you use a mask, the mask will dry in 20 minutes, and the customer’s face will feel uncomfortable.

  1. Recipe stickers

After removing the mask, different customers have different needs, so they can use different secret recipes, or to remove acne or freckles or anything else. For example, the acne secret recipe sticker, just stick it on the place with acne. Generally, the recipe stickers are only 15 minutes long, and you can put a brisk music.

  1. Shoot the water

You can shoot big powder water, aurora water, essence water or time water. In short, we have to start shooting water. The foundation project of skin care, the first step of watering, the foundation is laid, and the skin absorbs nutrients more comprehensively and more times.

  1. Serum or toner

If your water is not nutritious enough and you feel that the absorption is not fast, you can add a muscle base and essence. If your water is good enough, you can not use the essence, because the essence is relatively viscous and is not conducive to skin absorption.

  1. Essence capsules for acne removal

After the skin is thoroughly hydrated and nourished, it is necessary to use functional products, such as anti-acne essence for acne, and freckle cream for those with spots.

  1. Face lotion

The lotion is a product that plays a role in reconciliation. When the first few steps are in progress, after the last application, wait for a minute for the skin to absorb, and then proceed to the next step. The lotion is neither thick nor thin, which is very suitable for the second moisturizing action.

  1. Eye cream

After the age of 25, you should start using eye cream. Women begin to enter the ageing period. Although the face is not obvious, changes have begun to occur below the muscle layer, especially the skin around the eyes is fragile. It is necessary to fight aging in advance to look better than the same age in the next 20 years. People are 10 years younger.

  1. Face cream

The cream is the last step of nourishing and skin care. It acts as a sealing layer. Because it is thicker, it sticks to the face like a protective film. In fact, the cream basically does not penetrate into the skin very much, because it is thick and it is impossible to penetrate deeply. For the skin, its use is to block moisture, continue to replenish moisture to the outer layer of the skin, and maintain the moisture of the outermost layer of the skin.

  1. Sunscreen

After all nourishing skin care is over, the first step is functional protection, and functional protection is sunscreen, which isolates ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen is clothing that protects the skin from UV rays.

  1. Barrier cream

The barrier cream is the first step in applying makeup. With the barrier cream, makeup is not easy to damage the skin, because most of the makeup contains lead and mercury, even exceeding the standard, because if it does not exceed the standard, it will have no effect. So be sure to use a base cream, this is very important, just as important as you must use a makeup remover.

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