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How to skin care in the summer

May 10, 2022
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In the heat of summer, especially the recent high temperature weather, the sun for several days whether there is a hindrance to you and your buddies to go out shopping interest? The hot weather can make people lazy and irritable, but everyone should take the time to protect their skin at this moment.

So how to skin care in the summer?

1, The use of refreshing oil control skin care products

Every summer, due to the high temperature weather will make our skin dry, in the case of dehydration will secrete oil to lock the moisture on the face, so the face will be oily. So when it’s time to change seasons, you should replace your heavy spring and winter skin care products with refreshing oil-controlling moisturizers to increase moisture while reducing oil and making your face fresh and clean.

2, Adhere to the morning and evening clean skin

The summer is not too hot weather to move to wash your face, too often wash your face will hurt the face stratum corneum, to do the morning and evening twice on time cleaning can be, but do not because of laziness and do not clean, do not use facial cleanser, which will only make the face stains more and more accumulation. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

3, Sunscreen

Sun protection is a very necessary step, because it can reduce the damage of the sun from the source, in the summer, we face more than just tanning, there may be sunburn, and these are serious damage to the skin, we need to use the appropriate sunscreen according to their own skin, every inch of the summer exposed to the sun’s skin protection. Or prepare a sunshade, a sunscreen, to do at any time can be protected from the sun.

4, Early to bed and early to rise

The night usually refers to people who are still not in a sleep state after eleven o’clock at night, when your body’s organs do not get enough rest after a day of hard work, mental exuberance makes people seek security in the night, and physical weakness makes people sluggish during the day. This constant accumulation makes the body function lower, acting on the skin thus dull complexion, oily edema …… so we need to develop good habits, try to go to bed early and get up early, do the right thing at the right time.

It can be said that the skin will largely reflect the spiritual situation, so we need to pay attention to protect their skin, adhere to the above points, the use of refreshing oil control skin care products, adhere to the morning and evening clean skin, to ensure early to bed and early to rise, sun protection, etc., it is these small details of life, in order to have a good complexion in the summer.

Skin care in the summer
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