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How to find the best private label skincare manufacturers in Southeast Asia?

September 20, 2023
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Market overview of Southeast Asia

According to the study, the Southeast Asia beauty and personal care market will reach US$30.48bn in revenue by 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 3.45% (CAGR 2023-2028). Among them, the largest segment of the market is the personal care segment, with a market size of US$14.75bn in 2023. In the beauty and personal care market in Southeast Asia, online sales will account for 18.7% of total revenue by 2023.

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Selecting the right factory is key to your brand’s success

(1) Why the Southeast Asian market is competitive?

Southeast Asia has emerged as a thriving center for private label skincare manufacturing, boasting numerous advantages. This region offers a compelling blend of cost-efficiency, high-quality standards, and cultural proficiency in beauty and wellness. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia have developed robust infrastructure and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities adhering to international standards like GMP and ISO compliance, ensuring rigorous quality control.

(2) The manufacturing advantages of private brands

Southeast Asia’s rich biodiversity serves as a vast source of natural skincare ingredients, complemented by traditional knowledge of herbal remedies and botanical extracts, enabling extensive customization options for private label manufacturers. Sustainable sourcing options bolster their global competitiveness. Additionally, the strategic geographical location facilitates swift distribution, allowing businesses to cater effectively to local and international markets. The rise of private label skincare manufacturing in Southeast Asia results from growing demand for customizable skincare, cost-conscious consumers, and the region’s advantageous resources and expertise. This convergence empowers businesses to collaborate with Southeast Asian manufacturers to create distinctive skincare products appealing to a global audience.

(3) How can this article help you?

The data clearly indicates an opportunity in the Southeast Asia cosmetics brand market. If you’re planning to launch a new cosmetics brand, have you thought about partnering with a private label beauty product manufacturer to bring your innovative cosmetics-focused business idea to life? With numerous manufacturers to choose from in the market, making the right decision can be quite a challenge. To simplify our search while upholding our commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness, we conducted evaluations and experiments with various private label beauty product manufacturers. Additionally, we will outline the essential criteria to consider when seeking a manufacturing partner and provide a step-by-step guide to help you discover an outstanding one. Keep reading to learn how to identify the ideal manufacturing partner.

Study prominent skincare brands in Southeast Asia for potential competition

(1) Porcelain

Porcelain is a Singapore-based skincare brand that focuses on creating products suitable for Asian skin. Product categories Develop different lines of products for problem skin, such as aging, sensitive, oil acne, dry skin, comprehensive skin. The product category is mainly facial care products with the main ingredient being the famous medicinal diet conditioning plant. The sales channel of Porcelain is divided into offline spa chain store and online brand website.


(2) Harnn

Harnn is a Thai skin care brand whose best-selling products are body care sets and hand care sets, combining Thai herbs and popular ingredients such as rice bran oil, turmeric and tamarind.


(3) B.liv

B.liv is a local skin care brand in Malaysia. The brand focuses on facial care, which mainly focuses on brightening, whitening and acne removal products for problematic skin.


(4) Wardah

Wardah is a relatively large brand in Indonesia, covering all kinds of skin care, hair care, body care and beauty. Known for catering to the needs of Muslim consumers, it offers halal certified products and focuses on natural ingredients.

(5) Human Nature

Human Nature is a local brand in the Philippines, with products covering skin care, hair care, beauty makeup, body care, female private care, essential oils. The ingredients are mainly natural plants, such as bamboo, sunflower seed oil. Inspired by Southeast Asia Quality skin care brands, private label owners can draw unique qualities and innovative strategies to establish their brand identity.   By creating inventive products and aiming for differentiation in a competitive market, brands can embark on their brand journey.

Southeast Asia premium private label skincare manufacturer

(1) ABC Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

ABC Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a well-established private label skincare manufacturer in Thailand, boasts over two decades of industry expertise, earning a solid reputation. What distinguishes them is their focus on organic and natural skincare, catering to the surging demand for clean beauty. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable ingredient sourcing ensures product efficacy and environmental responsibility. ABC Cosmetics shines in its extensive lineup of customizable formulations, recognizing each brand’s unique demands and delivering tailored solutions that align seamlessly with their clients’ vision and brand identity.

abc cosmetics

(2) XYZ Beauty Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Malaysia’s XYZ Beauty Solutions Sdn Bhd shines with its leading-edge research and development prowess, continuously delving into fresh ingredients and technologies to craft innovative skincare solutions. This commitment to trendsetting enables them to provide clients with distinctive and captivating products. XYZ Beauty Solutions places sustainability at its core, incorporating eco-friendly practices from sourcing sustainable ingredients to adopting green packaging solutions throughout the manufacturing process. Their sustainability efforts not only minimize their ecological footprint but also foster a greener future for the beauty industry.

(3) Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., LTD.

For private label importers, online e-commerce brands, hair salons, or spas looking to create their skincare or hair care lines without the hassle and excessive costs, Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is the ideal choice. With 15 years of global brand OEM and ODM customization experience, they serve customers worldwide, offering a wide range of products including skincare, hair care, baby, maternity, and beauty products. Their end-to-end formulations and cosmetic packaging solutions, manufactured in China, ensure affordability. Xiran handles all aspects, from market research to regulatory compliance, saving startups time and money. If you expect high quality products and personalized service to differentiate your brand and remain cost effective. China Xiran factory will be your best choice.

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(4) PQR Skincare Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Situated in Vietnam, PQR Skincare Manufacturing Co., Ltd. operates top-tier facilities, enabling end-to-end services encompassing product development and packaging design. With cutting-edge technology, they excel in precise and efficient manufacturing, accommodating both small and large-scale production needs. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality control, PQR strictly adheres to industry standards and regulations, ensuring their products consistently meet the highest quality standards. This steadfast dedication to quality permeates their entire product range, instilling confidence in clients regarding the excellence of their offerings.

Sum up

To conclude, the four companies mentioned play key roles in Southeast Asia’s custom cosmetics sector. Entering the realm of personalized cosmetics involves a sequence of stages, from financial planning to product development, quality assessment, and manufacturing. The pivotal factor for brand success lies in selecting a dependable supplier, a decision that demands thorough scrutiny and thoughtful consideration.

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