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How to fill water effect to facial ministry good?

July 1, 2020
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In summer, the skin is visibly dry! Moisturizing is almost every woman’s compulsory course, can face mask, essence, face cream, milk are greeted on, why the face or so dry?

Skin structure, skin cutaway, it’s like a lasagna ▼

That’s because the stratum corneum, although temporarily increased in water content, keeps losing water, so after a while, the stratum corneum drops again.

  1. If you drink more water, do you have to drink more water?

Drinking lots of water does solve certain dryness problems, but the problem is that you drink a lot of water, and the excess water is usually metabolized before it reaches your skin. Drinking lots of water removes many useful electrolytes and minerals, which are important for the skin to retain water.

  1. Apply various hydrating masks every day

Apply mask can make the skin moist, true, but if too often use inappropriate mask, will stimulate the skin, make the skin become fragile, but there will be acne, acne, more dry skin phenomenon.

  1. Don’t moisturize oily skin?

From the surface, because dry skin needs more moisture than oily skin seems to be a fact of life, but in fact dry skin absorbs moisture more easily than oily skin because oily skin has thicker cutin and is more prone to water-oil imbalance.

Both dry and oily skin need to be hydrated scientifically, but oily skin is more particular about hydrating.

  1. Spray when skin is dry

Spray contains a large number of mineral ions, can give skin complement moisture quickly, but this kind of moisture volatilizes quickly, without moisturizing ingredients, if used too frequently, don’t use lotion or cream lock water, can cause skin into a vicious cycle of dry, wet, dry, didn’t really have the hydrating effect, but more and more dry skin.

  1. Moisturize only your face

Eighty per cent of women only focus on the face while ignoring the neck, eyes and hands as vital nooks to moisturise. And that’s where we age the most.

  1. Hydrate at night?

A lot of people think evening is the optimal period of time that fill water, but in the evening actually 12 o ‘clock arrive 2 o ‘clock in the morning between, it is the skin metabolism is the most exuberant time, be in mornify so during, normally the skin can evaporate about 200 milliliter water, so morning skin is the condition that lacks water most.

We need to take a more professional approach to deep hydrating and care of the skin to solve a series of skin problems such as dryness, dark yellow and flab at the source.

What are the effects of moisturizing facial mask?

After the age of 25, the skin collagen starts to lose, the face is dry, lacks water, and the pores are large. Daily skincare products are difficult to be absorbed and utilized by the skin. Water and light effectively lock the water, leaving the skin tender, bright, full and plump for a long time.
face mask
Whitening face mask

On weekdays, due to sun exposure, radiation and light, the skin is dull, dark and dull. Water light delivers whitening factors and antioxidant substances to the dermis layer to repair damaged cells of the skin and make the skin soft and white.


Due to the increase in age, skin elastic fibers will subsequently lose, so that the original tight elastic skin becomes loose, the growth factor and other vitamins delivered to the dermis, promote the reactivation of fibroblasts, repair skin, compact and delicate.

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