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How Men Can Build a Good Hair Care Routine

May 5, 2022
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A good hair care routine is a simple but effective one. Regardless of your hair type and texture, you will be able to complete your routine quickly and have beautiful hair.

Starting a Basic Routine

1.Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely.

Choose products that match your hair type so your hair will look its best. If possible, choose sulfate-free shampoos and silicone-free conditioners; these ingredients are not good for your hair and can make it look dry and dull with long-term use. Check the label.
For dry hair that tends to get frizzy, look for moisturizing or hydrating products that contain oils, butters and other nourishing ingredients.
For oily or fine hair, look for clarifying products that contain ingredients such as tea tree oil and chamomile.
For hair that is prone to breakage and wear, look for restorative products that contain proteins such as collagen and keratin.

2.Wash your hair twice or three times a week.

You may think it’s healthy to wash your hair every day, but for most people, that’s actually too often. Washing your hair too often can strip your hair of the protective oils your scalp naturally produces, making it more prone to frizz and wear. For most men, washing their hair two to three times a week works best.
If your hair becomes greasy, consider washing it with just water on the days you don’t wash it. The water cleans your hair without taking away the oil.
When you first start washing less, your hair will keep overproducing oil for a week or so until things balance out. Just be patient and soon your hair will stay cleaner for longer.

3.Use warm or cool water instead of hot water.

Hot showers are great, but the heat of the water can dry out your hair. It is best to use lukewarm or cool water to wash your hair. If you have to take a hot, steamy shower, try rinsing with warm or cool water so your hair looks healthy and shiny instead of frizzy and dull after drying out.

4.Dry your hair instead of roughly toweling it off.

Hair is fragile when wet because water causes the keratin molecules in your hair to stretch. That’s why doing the rough towel-drying treatment can damage your hair. Instead, towel dry your hair to get rid of the excess water and then let it finish air-drying.

Styling your hair

1.Use a gel or moisturizer, but not too much.

If you like your hair neat and organized, using a hair gel or moisturizer while it’s still wet will keep your hair looking fresh throughout the day. If you have a short haircut, use only a dime size amount of product, as using too much can make your hair look greasy.
Gels are generally lighter and easier to work through your hair. Look for products that are alcohol-free, as alcohol can dry out your hair.

2.Comb your hair after using the product.

If you use the product, use a comb to distribute it through your hair. Then create a neat section on one side or the other and shape your hair the way you like. In general, it’s best to comb your hair in the direction it grows.

3.Blow dry your hair as little as possible.

Using a blow dryer is a great way to dry your hair as quickly as possible, but doing this every day will eventually start to cause hair damage. If you’re worried about thinning your hair, forgo the blow dryer and let your hair air dry.

As you blow dry your hair, aim the hair dryer in the direction of your hair growth to help your hair lie flat.
Or, if you want more volume, point it in the direction of hair growth as you blow dry your hair.

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