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Does washing your hair every day cause your hair to fall out

February 28, 2022
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Perhaps for many women have such troubles. If you don’t wash your hair, your hair will be greasy.

“But why does my hair fall out every time I wash it, is it too frequent”?

In fact, daily shampooing generally does not cause hair loss. But for those hairs that are likely to fall out, daily shampooing can make them fall out faster.

When you wash your hair every time you lose a lot of hair, it may be related to the following reasons:

Reason 1: Diet to lose weight
Long-term dieting is not only not a healthy way to lose weight, but it is also prone to nutritional deficiencies, and hair growth also requires nutrients. If the nutrients are insufficient, its growth cycle will be shortened, and it will fall off easily after a long time.

Reason 2: Use the wrong shampoo
The misunderstanding here includes two points – buy one that is not suitable for your hair type, and apply it directly to the scalp when washing. If you pursue too much cleaning power, the purchased shampoo will cause great irritation to the scalp and hair follicles, which can easily lead to hair loss. Some friends will apply it directly on the scalp when washing their hair, but the substances in it will irritate the scalp and easily lead to hair loss. It is recommended that you squeeze it into your hands while using it, rub it in, and wash it off.

You lose a lot of hair every time you wash your hair, regardless of how often you wash your hair.

To sum up, frequent shampooing will not cause hair loss.

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