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Can both Moisturizer and fairness cream be applied at same time or is there any order to be followed?

February 24, 2022
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1、Whitening cream and moisturizing cream are both face cream products. Whitening cream and moisturizing cream have different skin care ingredients and skin care functions. So, can whitening cream and moisturizing cream be used together? In this issue, we will learn about whitening cream and moisturizing cream. Use the order correctly.

Can whitening cream and moisturizing cream be used together?

2、It is not recommended to use the two together. If you use a whitening cream, don’t use a moisturizing cream. If you use a moisturizing cream, don’t use a whitening cream. You can only use 2 out of 1, and use it after the essence. Even better, and both are creams, the key focus is on whitening or moisturizing. In fact, my facial skin is already very white and tender, so it is better to use moisturizing cream. The nature of everyone’s facial skin is different, and moisturizing cream can be used in any season, especially in dry autumn and winter. Seasonal use of moisturizing cream can lock in moisture, and it is not easy for the moisture on the face to be lost. It can help the skin to delay the loss of moisture, and provide long-lasting moisturizing, which makes it easier to make the skin in a good state.

3、Whitening cream is very suitable for use in summer. There is more moisture in the air and the temperature is relatively high, so it does not require a lot of moisture. Using whitening cream can moisturize and whiten the skin at the same time, and it can also be full of oil. Blend together, it will not cause water and oil imbalance. Moisturizers are more suitable for dry skin and can moisturize the skin very well, while whitening creams can balance oily and neutral skin, so it is more suitable for these two skin types, both of which are used in the same way. , but there are great differences in seasons and suitable skin, so you should choose these two different products according to your own focus.

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