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Best Private Label Shampoo Manufacturers

June 18, 2024
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In the competitive shampoo market, shampoo manufacturers are all over the world. It isn’t easy to find a suitable, reputable, and trustworthy manufacturer. This article will help you find a shampoo manufacturer that suits your needs and select potential partners with excellent quality and strong market influence. It is convenient for you to find manufacturers who share your ideas and help you grow your business and enhance your brand influence.

Hsa Cosmetic

Hsa cosmetic is one of the top private label shampoo manufacturers in the world. It specializes in producing and marketing cutting-edge cosmetics and provides a rich product line. They have more than 1,000 formulas. Whether you want to develop new shampoo products or use existing formulas, they can meet your expectations. They pay attention to details, quality, and innovation, use the most advanced private label shampoo manufacturing process, and have thousands of customization possibilities regarding products, ingredients, textures, fragrances, and packaging.

private label shampoo manufacturers

Why choose Hsacosmetic

Hsacosmetic is an Italian private label cosmetics manufacturer, developed and produced in Italy. It is globally recognized for its originality, with operations in 90 countries on five continents, helping beauty brands launch private label skin care and hair care product lines. Provide unexpected and groundbreaking product concepts, formulas, designs, and full-service, always strive to achieve the highest standards, and constantly explore new solutions to provide customers. I firmly believe in establishing close and effective customer relationships and creating brand value.

Xiran Skincare

Xiran Skincare is a premium private label shampoo manufacturer that produces high-quality, customized shampoos and offers a wide range of organic and natural hair care products. Crafting unique shampoo formulas is at the core of our commitment to quality. We provide personalized formulas that can produce high-quality shampoo products that meet the unique needs of your customers. We have an experienced team of professionals who can help develop products for various hair care needs. They are rigorously tested to ensure safety and effectiveness. We are proud of our expertise in private label shampoo manufacturing and are willing to work with you to create the best shampoo products.

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Why choose Xiran Skincare

Xiran Skincare is a professional cosmetic contract manufacturer with over 15 years of experience producing high-quality natural and organic products. We customize products according to your needs and provide customers with a one-stop solution. With more than 1,000 formulas, in-house laboratories, and experts’ continuous research on new ingredients and technologies, we have rich experience in producing shampoos for well-known customers. Bring your private label shampoo brand to life excellently and uniquely. Comprehensive one-stop OEM/ODM customization services include private label creation, packaging design, printing, etc.

Formula Corp

Formula Corp is a high-quality private label shampoo manufacturers, excelling in creating and customizing formulas, with dozens of readily available personal care formulas which can be customized according to specific market needs. They use pure and high-quality ingredients to create all-natural personal care products, with rich experience, innovative spirit, and commitment to exceed expectations, helping customers build a hair care product line that stands out.

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Why choose Formula Corp

Formula Corp is a professional hair care contract manufacturer with many high-quality, salon-grade personal care formulas. They insist on excellent customer service, highly competitive cost-effectiveness, high-quality production standards, and perfect packaging needs. They provide personalized services to customers to meet customer needs and guide the entire project to success. Formula Corp has advanced facilities and equipment and follows good production practices to ensure the reliability and consistency of its products and help customers succeed in their brands.

Pravada Private Label

Pravada Private Label is a safe, effective, organic, and natural shampoo manufacturer located in Fort Myers, Florida, serving premium spas, salons, and retailers worldwide, offering more than 200 skin and hair care formulas, all made with high-content, natural, and certified organic ingredients, compliant with FDA and Health Canada standards, offering customers extensive customization possibilities, allowing brands to gain a practical, timely and efficient path to market.

natural shampoo manufacturer

Why choose Pravada private label

Pravada is a manufacturing partner trusted by thousands of brands around the world and is the perfect solution for luxury spas and retailers of all sizes to provide high-quality treatments at higher margins, enhance brand reputation, and increase the overall value of your business. With 15 years of experience in private label skincare manufacturing, developing your unique skin or hair care product line can be as seamless as possible.


Nutrixusa is a premium natural and organic shampoo manufacturer. They focus on quality and provide world-class in-house branding and design services. Whether you want to develop a unique formula from scratch or need a proven best-selling product, they can meet it. At the same time, they provide R&D laboratories to create custom formulas to turn your ideas into reality and help you stand out in the shampoo market.

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Why Choose Nutrixusa?

Nutrix is the only state-of-the-art skincare factory in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is FDA-registered and NSF ISO certified. It prides itself on quality and strictly adheres to all regulatory requirements related to the skincare industry. You can get professional, high-quality custom products and have an in-house team of top designers to assist you with your private label shampoo design needs. The brand created for you will stand out in any crowded market.

Private Label Dynamics

Private Label Dynamics is an Australian manufacturer of premium private label shampoo driven by creativity, inspiration, boldness, and modern aesthetics. It has many years of industry knowledge in innovating salon-level products, constantly developing products, and evolving with the changes in the world to suit consumers’ increasingly changing personalized skin care needs.

manufacture of private label shampoo

Why choose Private Label Dynamics?

Private Label Dynamics is committed to creating high-end products and brands in the hair care market, keeping up with the times, creating high-quality private label products made in Australia, using organic and natural ingredients, and no minimum order quantity, which reduces the pressure of inventory to a certain extent. Use an experienced design team to build your brand image so that companies can confidently operate their brands.

Tropical Products

Tropical Products is a professional private label shampoo manufacturer focusing on product development, creating products that meet market needs, and experts handling products. You only need to focus on marketing. Whether you are a single production line or a custom formula and retailer brand, we can meet your needs and provide perfect packaging solutions to make your brand come alive.

professional private label shampoo manufacturer

Why choose Tropical Products?

Tropical Products is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective products. The factory covers an area of 50,000 square feet, thousands of formulas for you to choose from, professional employees and teams to help you complete the unique needs of customers, high flexibility, quickly meet the needs of small batches to large batches, and includes professional visual design to enhance your brand image. Organic certified products purchase the highest quality raw materials and produce products by all FDA and EPA standards to help you conceive, develop, manufacture, and deliver your next great idea within budget and time.

Genesis Private Label

Genesis Private Label is an innovative private label hair care company, suitable for launching your own successful customized and personalized private label shampoo and hair care products, dedicated to helping salons and hair care professionals to build their own private label hair care product line to build a brand, not just provide products, but also to create a brand based on their values. Let customers get high-quality professional formulas and teach and support you to succeed.

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Why choose Genesis Private Label?

Genesis Private Label can help you build your unique brand image, create a brand that matches its vision and target market, minimize the need for extensive research and development, save time and resources and, ensure efficacy and safety, provide flexible production capacity to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, with the support of professional knowledge, entrepreneurs can create successful hair care brands and embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey.


The above is a summary of the best shampoo manufacturers. We hope that this guide can help you find a shampoo manufacturer that meets your needs, successfully build your shampoo brand and improve your hair care business. If you want to find a manufacturer of hair care products, you can also read this article about the best hair care product manufacturers! If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact Guangzhou Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd, we are delighted to help you.

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