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wholesale private label hair care products

January 24, 2022
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1、In recent years, whether it is young people who are pursuing new fashions or middle-aged people who pay attention to their appearance, they all choose to take care of their hair, so as to make their image look improved, but with it However, it is very difficult to solve the problem of the hair department of my family, and even some people, because of their own hair problems, are struggling to find remedies to make their hair look healthier. In this regard, xiran, who has 12 years of experience in the field of hair care, can help you solve these problems.

2、GUANGZHOU XIRAN COSMETICS CO.,LTD is a professional cosmetics OEM/ODM companies in China. Factory covers an area of ​​20000 square meters,founded strictly in accordance with the standards of GMPC and ISO cosmetics production base, used advanced production technology and modern production equipment , staffed with experienced and skillful R&D teams and Sales teams to meet the demends of OEM business.
3、 Passed international GMPC, ISO certification 8 imported emulsification equipment, 8 production lines, 15 tons of cosmetics and hair care, closed air-conditioning workshop, large emulsifier, automatic filling equipment, monitoring system, purification system, disinfection and filtration system, complete trace test room and biochemical room. More than 30,000 square meters of production base, 100,000-level dust-free workshop, 500 skilled employees.

4、As a professional OEM supplier, we pay more attentions on quality control to maintain the good fames of your private label in the market, set up a nuanced perfect quality of service management system, strictly monitor and verify each procedure from raw material,semi finished products , packaging material and finished goods.

5、Currently, our products are exported to USA,EU,Middle East Asia etc worldwide market. Our clients include various famous supermarkets,retail chains and Hair Salon.

6、Keep up-to-date on cosmetics regulations which speed our production for customer, experienced sourcing and purchasing have given us further understanding on working with goodreliable companies to offer you the most competitive price.

7、Xiran has gathered a group of professional scientific researchers, senior engineers, and senior engineers from the fields of biology, cosmetic dermatology, Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and fine chemical engineering. The R & D laboratory is equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated R & D instruments and equipment in the world.

8、Xiran has always been adhering to the concept of being consumer-centric, providing hair products and services that meet consumers’ needs, so that people can enjoy salon-level products at home. The precipitation of the industry and the development of business have accumulated a good reputation and high reputation for Xiran in the field of professional hair care, and also laid a solid foundation for Xiran to open up the international market.

9、Whether it is dryness and damage, dandruff, greasy, or color fading after dyeing, hair loss, etc., each product is aimed at people with different hair types. The product.

10、Among them, the organic nutrition soft hair mask is aimed at people with dry, dull and dull hair. This hair mask adopts EU organic certified raw materials, and seven major ingredients are not added: no animal ingredients, no alcohol, etc. A variety of plant extracts deeply nourish dry and damaged hair and lock in moisture for a long time. What we do is not only to lock the lost moisture, but to fundamentally relieve the problem of dry hair, restore the vitality of the scalp, and keep the hair that grows away from the problem of dryness and frizz.

11、Xiran Silicone Free Oil Control Shampoo, as the name suggests, is a shampoo for people with strong oil secretion. In order to create a “soft” feeling in many shampoos, silicone oil is added to the shampoo, which can cause serious hair problems if it is not washed cleanly. Xiran’s silicone-free oil-controlling shampoo contains ginseng root plant essence and cocamide, natural plant decontamination, layers of cleansing and nourishing, gentle cleansing, while maintaining oil control while maintaining the scalp, so that every hair is full of water, Every strand of hair breathes, fundamentally controlling oil and moisturizing the strands.

12、Hot dyeing is the current trend, but hot dyeing is very harmful to hair, and the price of nourishing or maintaining hair is also very expensive. There is also the problem of color fading after washing your hair after perming and dyeing. Xiran one solution. Color-protecting and color-locking shampoo, for people with severely damaged hair after bleaching and dyeing. It contains Moroccan essential oil, as well as substances such as citric acid, which repair damaged hair and hair follicles and provide sufficient nutrients for the hair. A professional salon line of shampoo that protects hair from fading for long-lasting shine. It also purifies hair dye residue, relieves scalp stress, and saves you money on nourishing your hair.

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