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Which is the best shampoo that can be used for thin hair?

June 12, 2021
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Oh what the best brand of shampoo is.

I’m pretty sure that most shampoo is relatively the same. Obviously some of it is better than others but as far as getting your hair thick I believe that there was a few things that you can do without buying shampoo or conditioner or any kind of product.

There’s a Island somewhere where these women have no gray and their hair is long and thick and beautiful. Their secret is using the rice water after they make rice they pour it on their hair and skin and it seems to have some sort of miraculous capacity. That now made into products but I don’t think that any of them can hold A candle to that rice water rents.

I believe that they let it sit out for a little while in some cases so that it gets fermented. You can Google the rice water hair and skin treatment and get a better idea of how to do it for yourself. It’s very inexpensive and apparently very effective.

Also if you have been hair do you want to buy products and have biotin in it I believe that it is not a offensive ingredient but I couldn’t tell you for sure. Another thing that was very popular a few years ago is not washing your hair very often because it is bad for your hair and it does take a toll.Dry Shampoos are now very popular.

Are use them and I do notice that my hair is thicker and much less damaged than when I was washing it all the time. It’s also seems like it could be ecologically sound although the others can’t can’t be good. There’s texturizer as well.

I would buy something that’s made of powder perhaps if your hair is greasy; if not then you might want to get a Balm. I believe that using collagen products internally as well as externally can also be useful for thinning hair.

Honey is an excellent treatment especially when it’s mixed with egg and lemon which will remove all the products and buildup on your hair which way is it down. Brushing your hair will also encourage it to grow. There is a brush for shampooing as well and that does work.

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