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Top 11 Hair Oil Manufacturers

July 11, 2024
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Want to bring excellent results to your hair oil business? Choosing a good hair oil manufacturer in this competitive market is tricky, but don’t worry; you are at the right place to find the best hair oil manufacturer for your project.

Many well-known hair oil manufacturing companies worldwide supply high-quality hair care products. However, to choose a suitable one, please carefully check each company and search on Google to understand their experience and team situation. In addition, you should also consider their product quality, R&D capabilities, service quality, and legal compliance. Finally, after finding a manufacturer that meets the requirements, conduct a test and then confirm the order.

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Of course, this is a very time-consuming process. If you want to start your hair oil business quickly, you can choose from the list below, which is based on research and analysis of each manufacturer. You can do in-depth research to find a manufacturer that meets your needs and build your ideal brand. Want to bring excellent results to your hair oil business? Choosing a good hair oil manufacturer in this competitive market is tricky, but don’t worry; you are at the right place to find the best hair oil manufacturer for your project.

What Is Hair Oil?

Hair oil is an oily liquid hair care product designed to improve hair condition, restore the shine and softness lost after shampooing, prevent excessive hair and scalp dryness, and make the hair easier to comb. Its maintenance and conditioning function is more important than the hair styling function.

Types of Hair Oil

Coconut Oil: Contains lauric acid, has deep conditioning properties, and helps penetrate the hair shaft.

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Argan Oil: Produced in Morocco, it has excellent conditioning properties and is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, nourishes hair and eliminates frizz

Jojoba Oil: Rich in vitamin D and protein, it is an excellent nourishing and moisturizing oil. It helps balance oil secretion and increase shine.

Olive Oil: A great natural health supplement that provides moisture and strength to hair.

Almond Oil: Rich in vitamins A, B, and E, it deeply moisturizes and protects hair, helps repair damaged hair, and increases shine

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Top 11 Hair Oil Manufacturers


Nutrixusa is a private-label hair oil manufacturer that differentiates its customers from premium product lines with custom hair oil products made to your exact specifications with the same quality, care, and expertise they bring.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nutrixusa is a state-of-the-art FDA-registered personal care product facility that is focused on quality, offers world-class in-house branding and design services, and R&D product development, whether you want to develop a unique formula from scratch or just need a proven formula, with a focus on quality and compliance, adhering to all regulatory requirements relevant to our industry.


Xiran Skincare

Xiran Skincare is a premier natural hair oil manufacturer, crafting tailor-made solutions for clients’ brands, creating distinctive hair oil formulas with exclusive blends of 100% natural and organic ingredients. Diverse products are gradually formed and precisely aligned with different customer needs, from raw material sourcing and crafting in our cutting-edge factories to the final stages of filling, labeling, and packaging.

As a distinguished leader in hair oil manufacturing, they use state-of-the-art laboratories to transform your concepts into tangible realities, carefully crafting formulas that embody the pinnacle of hair care excellence. They enable you to brand your premium product line better, from formulation to packaging, harmoniously incorporating your brand essence into every aspect. Their commitment to quality and safety is unwavering, providing exceptional service that goes beyond expectations.

xiran skincare


Ausmetics is an OEM and private label hair growth oil manufacturer focusing on personal skin care, maternal and child care, and household cleaning products and cosmetics. It has cutting-edge technology and top R&D capabilities, meeting customers’ various formulation, design, packaging, manufacturing, and delivery needs and providing excellent customer service.

Ausmetics is a professional global cosmetics contract manufacturer, focusing on the R&D of skin care and body care products. The factory has also passed ISO22716, GMPC, FDA, and Sedex certification, has an experienced independent R&D team, and is a strong cosmetics contract skin care manufacturer.


HSA Cosmetics

HSA Cosmetics is a hair oil manufacturer in the hair care industry. Founded in 1982, it specializes in the production and marketing of cutting-edge private label cosmetics in the field of hairdressing and cosmetics. It provides personalized customization services for global beauty brands. It is committed to helping many companies worldwide improve their business and is known for delivering high-quality solutions.

HSA Cosmetics focuses on research and development, has five laboratories, and combines new trends, ingredients, and technologies to help customers effectively care for their hair and skin. They pay great attention to the quality and safety of their products and adopt standards that meet international laws and customer requirements. HSA Cosmetics is a perfect private label hair oil manufacturer and an ideal partner.

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Bointernational is a natural private label hair oil manufacturer offering high-quality private label hair oils made from fresh and natural ingredients; Onion Hair Oil, Neem Hair Oil, Hair Growth Oil, Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil, and Jatamansi Hair Oil are their specialty products; they accept customization in terms of ingredients, scents, and appearance to meet the required level of quality and appeal.

Bo International is a leading cosmetics supplier, exporter, and manufacturer, offering a wide range of products and services, custom formulations and private label manufacturing services, custom manufacturing, and packaging services as per your needs, with state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure unmatched product development standards to reach the global market.


My Skincare Manufacturer

My Skincare Manufacturer is a natural hair oil manufacturer based in Australia that provides contract manufacturing services for beauty brands. They offer a full range of services from start to finish, tailoring products to your specifications, using natural and organic ingredients, with low minimum order quantities and low risk, allowing you to turn around, suitable for beginners to start quickly.

The company provides professional services in all aspects of skin care manufacturing, production, printing, packaging, and design and transparent communication throughout the process. It uses high-quality natural and organic raw materials, follows good manufacturing practices, and has developed over 800 custom formulas. It is a premium skincare manufacturer located in New South Wales, Australia.


AG Organica

AG Organica is one of India’s most well-known hair care product manufacturers. It provides high-quality skin care oil production services and is committed to hair product innovation. It continuously improves formulas to ensure that products can achieve the best results. They are good at making customized formulas and providing private label manufacturing services to create tailor-made solutions.

The company is a government-starred export company that uses 100% natural ingredients. The products are strictly quality-tested and meet ISO and GMP standards. It always focuses on customers and provides guidance and suggestions on packaging solutions. Unique, innovative thinking, meticulous planning, and effective execution ensure that customers’ vision becomes a reality.

ag organica

Beauty Private Label

Beauty Private Label is a private label contract manufacturer of hair serums and oils. It is committed to providing the best hair oils and serums. It has advanced laboratories and advanced infrastructure to help customers research product formulations and testing and provides a selection of OEM hair care series to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

The company is located in central North Carolina, USA. Through several years of market penetration, they have expanded their expertise, provide potent formulas, use high-quality raw materials to make products, and have many in-house formulas, which facilitates you to quickly launch high-quality products and help you use their expertise, innovation, and experience in this field to build and establish your brand.


Dynamic Blending

Dynamic Blending is a professional hair product manufacturer that uses natural materials and advanced technology to achieve excellent results. They are a private label hair product manufacturer that can develop proprietary formulas for customers, solve practical problems, help you expand your product range, and assist start-ups and experienced businesses, providing the best disruptive, creative, and high-quality solutions.

The company is committed to serving customers and working with cosmetic companies to provide the most innovative global cosmetic manufacturing solutions. Through comprehensive contract manufacturing skills to create customers’ private label cosmetics lines, focusing on customer needs, their quality assurance team strictly supervises all operational activities within the organization, from development to realization, and implements strict quality control. It is a good choice.

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Cosmetic Solutions

Cosmetic Solutions is a professional skin care manufacturer that provides unparalleled opportunities for private brands with its high-quality product portfolio. It focuses on custom formulations and contract manufacturing. It provides a full range of turnkey private label skin care services for emerging and established brands, medical professionals, spas and salons, and online retailers. The team of R&D experts can tailor the formulation for you to gain a competitive advantage. Create business value.

The company is constantly creating breakthrough formulas to enhance the competitiveness and uniqueness of the market, continually paying attention to the market and various trends and trends around the market, and using solid insights and knowledge to ensure the success of customers’ brands. It is a mature manufacturing partner that produces high-quality products.

cosmetic solutions

Vitelle Labs

Vitelle Labs is a professional skin care manufacturer in North America that provides premium private label and contract manufacturing services, creating unique and effective products with premium packaging and fine craftsmanship. Its products meet the needs of the day and resort spa, medical spa, and eco-spa markets. It has become an industry leader in developing cutting-edge formulas and product innovations.

The company provides custom product formulation and manufacturing, with the industry’s most extensive inventory of private label skincare and body care products, covering the entire professional market, and a wide range of stock packaging options to provide skin care professionals with numerous options to create a product line that reflects their brand vision and budget.

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How Do I Start Your Own Hair Oil Brand?

1. Research and determine your target market

When starting your hair oil product line, it is essential to determine your target market. Are you serving luxury salons or providing affordable products for daily use? By researching your target market, you can customize your products and develop marketing to attract your audience better.

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2. Develop your hair oil product line

Once you have determined your market, you can develop your hair oil product line. Through careful planning and testing, you can create a product line that meets the needs of your target market and carries a unique vision for your brand.

3. Create a brand identity

Choose a high-level and unique name for your brand. It is essential to have a memorable and brand-appropriate name. Secondly, establish a visual image of the logo that reflects the essence of your brand. Consider hiring a designer to create a professional and cohesive visual image combined with your ideas. Finally, design your packaging brand image and ensure that the packaging is visually appealing.


4. Develop a production and distribution plan

Identify your potential manufacturers and evaluate the manufacturer’s cost, strength, and experience. The proper manufacturer can help you a lot. In addition, consider your target market and distribution channels. You can attract potential customers through online retailers and salons. Finally, establish a system for managing inventory and fulfilling orders, process orders efficiently, and ensure your customers receive their products promptly.

5. Launch and market your product line

Develop a marketing plan to ensure that your target market is effectively attracted. You can promote your products through email marketing, social media advertising, and content marketing, as well as voice potential customers and build relationships. In addition, you can participate in trade shows and beauty events to showcase your products to your target audience. You can also make breakthroughs from social media and promote your brand and products more effectively.

6. Develop and expand your business

Collecting customer feedback and improving your products as needed is essential. This can help you identify areas for improvement and ensure that your products meet customer needs. Diversify your products, reach a wider audience, and increase sales potential. You can enter new markets and increase sales potential by diversifying your product lines. To remain competitive and continue to increase sales in the long term, constantly looking for new growth and expansion opportunities is essential.



So, have you found your ideal choice, or are you still confused? If you want to choose an experienced and professional skin care manufacturer, please consider Xiran Skin Care. Xiran Skincare is committed to producing high-quality natural and organic products from sustainably sourced ingredients and adhering to personalized premium product lines. Honest business practices and high-quality products have enabled us to establish long-term relationships with many brands worldwide.

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