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Something You Need to Know About Makeup Knowledge

March 10, 2022
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The choice of foundation is very important, because it’s the first step in makeup, and this foundation is also an indispensable product. Choosing a foundation that suits your skin tone directly determines the success of your makeup look.

Eye shadow

Eye makeup This is also a must for everyone who wears makeup, because the introductory course of color makeup needs to get this eye makeup done.
When a beginner learning to draw eye shadow, according to the principle of using eye shadow, I recommend using up to 3 shades, which will make the makeup look softer.


A small blush can play a big role. The light red on the cheeks can make the makeup look more flavorful and has a good effect on modifying the face shape. Apply blush on the blush position to show the cute and playful feeling of girls.


This is an important part of eye makeup, whether you have light or heavy makeup. Eyelashes are what make our eyes very attractive, so choosing a good mascara is the key. Long-lasting mascara that does not smudge is the first choice in summer. Let me tell you a secret, choose to use an eyelash curler before brushing mascara, so that the effect will be more perfect.


A suitable and perfect eyebrow shape can add a lot of color to makeup. And clean and natural eyebrows are our pursuit, we must develop a good habit of trimming eyebrows regularly.

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