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Refuse to 0 effect hair care

March 22, 2022
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Hair for everyone is very important. However, many people for hair care knowledge is less, in the daily care there will be some damage to the hair behavior, not only didn’t take care of hair, but also harm the health of the hair!

Hair dryness and buckling

To reduce the damage to the hair, first of all, we must do a good job in daily life care, choose a nourishing type of shampoo; after washing the hair do not use the hair dryer hot air blow dry hair, high temperature will take away the moisture of the hair, so that the hair dry frizzy; and go out to do a good job of sun protection measures, strong ultraviolet rays will take away the moisture of the hair. More importantly, reduce perming and dyeing.

When washing your hair, only wash your hair and not your scalp

This idea is not correct! Because the sebum secretion of the scalp is relatively strong, if you do not regularly scalp cleaning, it is easy to lead to clogged scalp pores, and may also lead to serious hair loss. So the daily cleaning should be more clean scalp, keep the scalp environment fresh and comfortable!

The hair just washed at night, get up in the morning and become greasy flat

In fact, greasy hair is mainly affected by scalp oil. And scalp oil is mostly affected by seborrheic scalp, and diet, work and rest, environment, etc. also have a relationship, often stay up late irregular work and rest will lead to endocrine imbalance aggravate the scalp oil, body dampness, but also in the face, scalp secretion too much oil, in addition to the environment will also affect the scalp oil situation, poor air quality and stuffy non-ventilated places will also aggravate the scalp load. To improve this situation, not only to develop good habits, but also to do a good job of daily cleaning and maintenance, in order to maintain a fresh and comfortable scalp environment.

Wash your hair with a towel and rub it dry

Choose a professional hair drying towel to absorb the moisture of your hair, which can reduce hair damage and also dry your hair as soon as possible.

What should I do if I lose too much hair?

Hair loss is a normal body metabolic process. However, if the number of hair loss is too much or the number of new hair is lower than the number of hair loss, there is an obvious thinning of the hair volume becomes less, we should pay attention to it. You can start by looking for the cause from your own factors, such as irregular work and rest, unhealthy diet, stress, improper cleaning and maintenance, and other self-causes can lead to excessive hair loss.

First of all, let yourself return to a normal routine, maintain a good mood and state, diet as little as possible to eat spicy greasy stimulating food, with the use of shampoo can improve the activity of the hair follicle, adhere to a period of time can make the hair stronger and healthier.

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