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OEM/ODM (OEM Processing) Development Process

Suitable for companies that have just registered a brand and do not yet have a product;
Existing brands, only companies that need product sampling and OEM;
Companies with existing brands and formulas and samples that need mass production;
Companies with existing brands and insufficient capacity.

Manufacturing-Private Label-Custom Formulation-Packaging

Bottle Customization
Can customize bottles of different shapes and materials.
Material Customization
Can customize colors, textures and materials.
Free Design
Free design draft customization,label,color box
Box customization
Custom materials and processes.
Skin care product processing large enterprises
GUANGZHOU XIRAN COSMETICS CO.,LTD is a professional cosmetics OEM/ODM Manufacturer in China.After many years of hard work and continuous development, it currently has 100,000 dust-free workshops, more than 100+ employees, many production lines, advanced automated production equipment, and a daily output of 80,000 bottles.
Supply of skin care products in all channels
Has a complete and rich product range of personal care products in China. There are more than 800 service brands, and the products involve mainstream channels such as professional lines, e-commerce, TV shopping, and WeChat. The customer receipt rate is high, ranking the forefront of the industry.
Core technology development
XIRAN Cosmetics Factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters, has a strong R & D team and perfect R & D facilities, masters high-tech biotechnology, nanotechnology, osmotic pressure technology, etc., and has developed a series of high safety, stronger permeability, and absorption Better, more pronounced special formula.
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