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How should men take care of their hair

February 28, 2022
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It is believed that after a certain age, many men experience hair loss. It is absolutely no exaggeration to say that sometimes it is just a simple combing of the hair, and the exaggerated hair is combed down. Is it just because of age? But is this really the problem? Maybe everyone overlooks the importance of the process of cleaning and shampooing every day.

Think back to when you washed your hair every day, did you wash it right?

Question 1: Do you wash your hair from root to tip?
Correct method: Wet the hair roots to the ends, and gently massage the scalp with the pulp of your fingers instead of your nails. This can effectively help the hair to be 100% moisturised, without scratching the scalp, and promote blood circulation to the scalp.

Question 2: Is the order of shampooing scalp, roots, and ends?
Correct method: Take an appropriate amount of shampoo and rub it on your hands to create foam. Lather is the key to shampooing and an important factor in removing stains. Then wash according to the order written above, massage with finger pulp for more than 2 minutes, and then rinse with water.

Question 3: Did you wash off the shampoo?
Correct method: The ingredients in shampoo are all chemical and can cause damage to your scalp and hair if you don’t rinse them off. The environment of the scalp layer is destroyed, dandruff accumulates, hair oil is continuously produced, and the hair may fall out.

Question 4: Did you blow your hair carefully?
Correct method: Adjust the temperature of the hair dryer to low temperature. Do not use heat to damage the scalp. Keep an appropriate distance between the mouthpiece and the hair of 15-20cm, and blow-dry the hair for 7-8 minutes.

Don’t underestimate these delicate steps.

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