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Do acne patches work for acne?

February 28, 2022
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There are two common types of acne patches, one is simple acne patch and the other is medicinal.

A pimple patch is essentially a hydrogel that absorbs a lot of fluid. Therefore, stick a simple acne patch on the acne area, which can absorb the tissue fluid exuded from the acne area, so that the acne can be absorbed as soon as possible. Smaller, good for acne recovery.

At the same time, when the acne patch is attached to the surface of the acne, it can form a covering surface to prevent the invasion of some external dust or other microorganisms, and it is not easy to cause local secondary infection. There is also an acne-removing patch, which is to add some medicinal ingredients, such as some antibiotic ointments, to the hydrogel to achieve the purpose of anti-inflammatory and sterilization. There are also some acne patches added with salicylic acid, which can promote the shedding of local necrotic keratinocytes, promote cell regeneration, and facilitate the recovery of acne. So acne patches are very useful for acne.

So how do we use acne patches?

Clean the entire acne area, take an appropriate size of the acne invisible patch, take the acne mouth as the center, and tear off the appropriate size of the acne invisible patch according to the size of the acne. Put the acne patch on the acne, because the acne patch can absorb the secretions, so it can speed up the recovery of the acne.

Since the sticker is transparent, you can apply foundation over it, perfect for applying before makeup. It is generally recommended to use it at night, and you can see the effect the next day, which is really obvious.

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