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Which skin care products are necessary?

January 19, 2022
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Many people have such skin care anxiety,

I can’t wait to put a few more layers of skin care products on my face.

For fear that my skin care work is not enough.

Then apply a few layers of skin care products to be effective,

And how many layers of skin care products do you apply to your face every day?

How many layers of skin care products should be applied?

Which skin care products are necessary?


Apply at least 2 coats in the morning

Generally speaking, only 1-2 layers of skin care products are usually toner + lotion or cream, which is relatively simple. This type of girl is either too lazy to take care of her skin, or she has no time to take care of her skin in the morning. She hopes to get it done quickly and easily, so after washing your face, you can do it with one or two layers. But Xiaojun suggests that you might as well choose essence water + sunscreen products in the morning to achieve the dual goals of hydration and protection.


Apply 3-4 layers of night skin care

Applying 3-4 layers of skin care products is considered to be particular about skin care, usually adding essence and other products than 1-2 layers. And it will take into account all aspects of skin care, such as moisturizing, whitening and sun protection. It is especially suitable for when the skin is healthy, and the nourishing effect is better when used at night.


Usually no more than 6 layers

Many mushroom cool skin care products like to apply skin care products on the inner three layers and the outer three layers, but in fact, if you apply too much, if the skin cannot absorb it, you will still not see the effect, and it will also cause the skin pores to be blocked or easily absorb dust. It is recommended that mushrooms should not exceed 6 or 7 layers of skin care each time. After washing your face, apply basic skin care products such as lotion, essence, cream, eye cream, etc.


Depends on your skin condition

Of course, how many layers of skin care products are applied depends on your skin and the texture function of the skin care products. Generally speaking, if the skin absorbs well, you can do more skin care steps. If the skin absorbs well, you need to apply a few layers less. If the texture of the skin care product is light, you can apply a little more. If the texture is thick and difficult to absorb, you can apply a little less.

The more skincare products you put on, the better?

Now some mushrooms need to apply 10 layers of skin care products a day before going out. Can this skin care product be applied all over the face at one time?

In fact, the self-regulating ability of the skin itself is the “patron saint” of skin health. “Sebum membrane” and “sweat” expel waste through metabolism and self-regulation.

If the amount of skin care products is too large, the skin will not be able to absorb it in the future, the stratum corneum will become thicker, the nutrients will not be absorbed, the dirt in the pores will not be able to come out, the skin will not be able to breathe smoothly, the skin will be dehydrated and aging, and the skin will fall into a “vicious circle” .

Which skin care products are necessary?



The toner re-cleanses to restore the pH of the skin’s surface and tones the stratum corneum for better absorption and preparation for skin care products. It is also very convenient to use, pour it directly on the hand, then dab it on the face, or pour it on a cotton pad and gently wipe the skin.


lotion or gel

Emulsion and gel have high water content, which can instantly moisturize the skin and replenish moisture for dry skin. At the same time, it can form a thin and breathable protective film on the skin surface, which can prevent moisture loss and have an excellent moisturizing effect. Condensation will be relatively thick, more suitable for dry autumn and winter, while condensation is more suitable for summer.


eye cream

The most prominent part of a woman’s age is the eyes. After a woman is 25 years old, the skin condition will begin to decline, especially the eye area is the most prone to dehydration and wrinkles, so eye care must be done early. Eye cream can not only deal with the problems of dark circles and eye bags, but also because it has the effect of improving wrinkles and fine lines, it is a necessary skin care product for us.



As the concept of photoaging skin care has become more and more popular, sun protection is not only to avoid getting tanned, but also to age without sun protection. And UV rays exist all year round, so sun protection is also a must-do homework every day. Big S, but you must wear sunscreen every day when you go out. Have you done it?

correct order of use

If you use a cream-like moisturizing product first, a protective film will be formed on the outer layer of the skin after application, so the water-like and serum-like products with smaller molecules will be blocked from the skin. , it is difficult to be absorbed, let alone play a role.

Which skin care products are necessary?

Studies have found that if the small molecules of the essence can reach the bottom layer of the skin, the nutrients carried can be as high as 88%; while the macromolecular products of oils, which mostly play a role on the skin surface, carry only about 6% of the nutrients.

Make-up water–serum–gel–lotion–cream–sunscreen, this is the correct order.

One of the easiest ways to remember is “water first, middle milk, and oil last.” When you can’t tell which one to use first and which one to use later, look at the texture of the skin care product first. If it is water-based, it must be used before the cream-based product, and the oil-based product is usually used last.​​​​

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