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Which hair care products are suitable for dry hair

January 26, 2022
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Primary Item (H2)

The rice water skin care set.

As you know, Rice water is one of the ingredients for beauty that is often used by women to cleanse and beauty the skin. Who would not want your skin clean and smooth like an angel.

There are many benifit for the rice water,

No.1 Works as a skin brightener:

Rice is a popular food in many places but is used as an ingredient in several products, mostly in Asian countries like Korea, China, and Japan. You must have seen how their skin glows and shines; that’s because most of the products contain rice water. That is the secret to their perfect-looking skin.

Rice water contains helpful chemicals that can treat hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and age spots. Although research does not support it, people have claimed to see changes after just a few uses and experienced more smooth and clear skin.

No.2. Helps in the minimization of pores:

Pores can be tricky to deal with because you can never get rid of them, and enlarged pores contribute to more problematic skin causing acne breakouts, oily skin, and rise to more and more bacterias. Rice water works great as a skin toner and astringent as vitamins like B, C, and E can help with the pores’ depreciation and tightening. Rice water is more on the gentler side, helps remove excess sebum, makes the skin less oily, and leaves a mattifying effect.

No.3 Has anti-aging benefits:

There is aging, and there is premature aging. Both can affect your confidence, and while it is impossible to stop aging signs, there are always ways to reduce and slow them down. While there are so many causes that can lead to aging, you must take care of your skin in any way possible.
Rice water contains high amounts of antioxidants that can help stop certain compounds that cause damage to the collagen and elastin in the skin. One study concluded that such activity of antioxidants could supplement the antioxidant capacity in the skin.

  1. Calms irritated skin:

Some skin conditions can cause an uncontrollable irritation and itching in the skin that can further cause redness and rashes. Rice water can help calm irritated skin because of its cooling and healing properties. Bathing in rice water has been proved to be very effective when it comes to soothing irritated skin. A study demonstrates that using rice starch for bathing can help heal the skin by twenty percent.

  1. Helps protect skin barrier:

Your skin protects your entire body from different factors like pollution, sun damage, skincare products, and other environmental aggressors. The skin barrier is the topmost layer that protects the deeper layers of the skin from almost everything. When the natural barrier is disrupted, our skin becomes dry and unguarded, making several skin conditions attack the skin.

A study showed that rice water could help improve the functioning of the natural barrier of the skin. The same study also showed an improvement in patients suffering from a skin condition called atopic dermatitis.

  1. Packed with minerals and vitamins:

While we fill our stomachs with whatever food we want, we often forget to give our skin the necessary nutrition to maintain a proper state. Some minerals, vitamins, and acids are essential to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Rice water is packed with many minerals, vitamins, acids, antioxidants, and a lot more to ensure your skin is getting the fuel needed for a smooth texture, glow, and even skin tone.

Wow.that’s too many benifit for the rice water,I think you guys very interested in the rice water skin care poducts,right?Our these rice water set main ingredients of course is the rice water,the set including the facial cleanser,the face toner,the face serum,the face cream and the face mask.Let me show you one by one.

This is the cleanser,with white color black tube and wooden cap with sticker of logo,the texture is the creamy,you can see.And it’s very deep cleasning for the face after using.

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