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What skin care products do you use for pimples on your face?

January 12, 2022
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Acne on the face is a situation that everyone may encounter. It is mainly caused by endocrine disorders or clogged pores. We need to pay attention to the hygiene of the skin on the face and then use acne cream to remove acne. . Friends with acne on the face can choose skin care products such as sulfur soap, facial cleanser and deep cleansing cream.

What skin care products do you use for pimples on your face?

1. Cleansing

For the choice of cleansing, it is recommended that you have three options, one is sulfur soap, one is a cleanser to clean up dead skin cells, and the other is a deep cleansing cream.

2. Cleansing rules

Cleansing is very important, the above three cannot be used on the same day, but you need to arrange a time. For example, if you wash with sulphur soap on Monday, then on Wednesday, wash with
horny. Other times use a deep clean.

Cleansing reason

Although sulfur soap has a certain disinfection effect, it cannot be used for a long time, because it is toxic in itself, and it will deposit on the face after long-term use. The same is true for horny skin. Human face skin still needs to have stratum corneum. If it is cleaned every day, the stratum corneum will be damaged and the skin will age prematurely. Deep, it is recommended to use morning and night

3. face oil

There are too many face oils, but the advice for people with acne is that it is best not to choose face oils that contain a lot of oil or
Those are alcohol-based cosmetics. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that you choose a moisturizing effect, that is, a face oil with a strong water-locking function.

facial oil ingredients
For face oil, I suggest that you choose a face oil containing fruit acid, because fruit acid has the function of repairing the skin itself, and it has the effect of cleaning and repairing the places with acne.

4. Night mask

In fact, I don’t generally recommend people to use night products. However, I still discovered night products recently. In fact, if used correctly, the effect is very good for acne treatment. then
It is an overnight leave-in mask that contains fruit acids.

Use process

After the skin is completely cleaned, then apply the night mask on your face. You don’t need to wash it. You can go online, chat, or do other things. When you want to sleep, just sleep, and the next day, just wash it off. The next day, you will find that the skin is good

  1. Exfoliation: Exfoliation is to exfoliate dead skin. You can buy a facial cleanser with a scrub, otherwise you can buy a package of coarse salt, when you wash your face, apply it to your face with the facial cleanser and massage it, and then wash it off. Once a week or two, you will find that your face becomes smooth, mainly wiping away the rough dead skin on your face. Do not use a scrub to exfoliate when you have acne, or it will scratch and hurt. If the acne is not scratched in time, it will become infected if it is serious, and it will grow more and more and leave scars. So cleaning is very important when popping acne, squeeze it with a clean cotton pad. Use acne medicine if you don’t have to, don’t squeeze.
  2. Daily skin care tips for acne removal:
  3. Wash your face: It is very important to wash your face with hot or lukewarm water first.
    Wash, wait until the pores open, use facial cleanser, which can make the face clean more thoroughly. Then rinse with cold water to shrink pores. This tightens the skin over time and prevents pores from getting bigger.
  4. Foods you need to eat more to get rid of acne
    More importantly, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink water and eat less meat
    And calorie food to prevent getting angry, otherwise how many skin care products are used

(1) Foods containing zinc and calcium. (Such as corn, lentils, soybeans, radishes, mushrooms, nuts, liver, scallops, etc.)

(2) Crude fiber foods (such as whole wheat bread, whole grains, soybeans,
bamboo shoots, mung bean porridge)

(3) Foods with high vitamin content. (There are spinach, lettuce, apricot, mango, animal liver, cod liver oil, fish eggs; soybean oil, nuts and fungi and algae such as fungus, Hericium erinaceus)

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