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What should I do if I have bad skin after staying up late

March 15, 2022
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Everyone has heard of ageing, but the different degrees of aging are mainly related to external factors, such as people who often stay up late and work overtime. After all, most people nowadays, dressed up in the morning, energetic to go to work, a overtime face is easy to appear a variety of problems. So, how can I recover after working overtime?

Pay attention to moisturizing

Staying up late can lead to dry skin, so moisturizing is very important. At this time, it is recommended to apply moisturizing essence, thus making the moisture completely locked, and then use night cream to avoid nutrient loss and achieve better skin care effect. Of course, there are many ways to moisturize the skin, in addition to this way, the most important thing is to drink more water, water is the source of life, if the skin is dehydrated, it is easy to affect the skin condition. Therefore, moisturizing is an important basis for the care of the skin.

Control the facial massage time

Proper massage can indeed bring a good effect on the skin, especially poor blood circulation face, but the massage time varies from person to person, such as neutral skin, massage 10 minutes to achieve the effect, dry skin massage time will be slightly longer, oily skin massage time is the shortest.

Take Vitamin C every night

Often irregular life, should be supplemented at night with some vitamin C-rich fruit or food containing collagen, which is conducive to subhealthy people’s skin to restore elasticity and luster. As vitamin C is an important part of the body, when the body lacks vitamin C, there will be fatigue, muscle weakness, skin swelling, pain, bleeding gums, bad breath and other problems, so properly eat some vitamin C can play the purpose of whitening and maintaining the skin.

Do not wash your face too late

Human skin needs a period of rest, during the skin rest, wash the body and face as much as possible. Especially at 10 pm to 11 pm makeup crowd is necessary to regularly clean the skin, with a suitable cleansing cream after, immediately apply moisturizer, so that the skin better into the rest and care state. Finally, I remind you that this approach must be adhered to for a long time to take effect.

Eye cream plus cold and hot compresses

In the process of staying up late and working overtime, the eyes are the most fatigued and will be especially tired, so it is necessary for everyone to pay attention to the skin care of the eyes. So you should choose some eye creams to eliminate dark circles, and if necessary, you should also massage properly to promote the eyes to absorb enough nutrients and moisture. In addition, in the case of poor eye circulation, you need to choose cold towels and hot towels alternately to eliminate eye fatigue.

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