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Skin care methods are mainly divided into the following areas

March 22, 2022
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1, In terms of diet: Develop good eating habits, eat less spicy, greasy, irritating and other unhealthy food, properly eat more protein-rich food, as well as more intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

2, In life: Pay attention to skin cleanliness, especially facial skin needs frequent cleaning, otherwise dust, bacteria, keratin will clog the pores, resulting in acne, blackheads and other skin problems. And it should be noted that the usual application of warm water to clean the face and body parts, but not too much hot water, hot water can cause a large amount of water evaporation in the skin, causing the skin to dry out, resulting in small breaks on the surface of the skin, which can easily cause bacterial infections.

3, Pay attention to sun protection, ultraviolet light can cause skin discoloration, capillary dilation and skin photoaging.

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