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How to Take Care of Your Skin

April 27, 2022
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Skin care is more than cleansing and using lotions. It also includes eating healthy, getting enough sleep and exercise, and managing stress levels. Your skin type may also dictate any other treatments, such as using an exfoliating scrub or hydrating mask.

1.Keeping Your Skin Soft, Clean, and Moisturized

Wash your face twice a day to stay oil-free, improve skin tone and prevent breakouts. You should wash your face when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night. Use lukewarm water and a cleanser suitable for your skin type. You can wash your face with clean hands, a towel or a soft sponge.
Follow up with some toner and moisturizer. If you wear makeup, remember to remove it too. Don’t forget the skin on your neck! This is often overlooked

2.Don’t use hot water when bathing or showering, use lukewarm water instead.

Hot water can be relaxing, but it can also remove the skin’s natural oils. This can lead to dry, patchy skin.
If you have dry skin, use a moisturizing body wash that contains natural oils like almond, coconut, or olive oil.

3.Pat the skin dry with a towel.

This applies to the skin of the face and body. It’s better to keep your skin slightly moisturised. This way, your skin can absorb excess moisture and rehydrate.

4.Apply a moisturizer or lotion while the skin is still damp.

Use facial moisturizers and creams on your face and lotions or body butters on your body. Change the type of moisturizer or lotion you use according to the season. Use heavier, richer ones in winter and lighter ones in summer. Consider using a moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. All skin types benefit from moisturizing creams, including oily ones! Choose a light or gel-based moisturizer for oily skin.

5.Exfoliate once a week.

This will help remove those dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. You use scrubs, loofahs, and exfoliating sponges. Make sure to use a milder exfoliator on your face than the rest of your body. Remember that the skin on your face is much more delicate than the skin on your arms and legs.
Choose your exfoliating scrub carefully. The larger the particles, the more abrasive the scrub. If you have sensitive skin, avoid scrubs with walnut shells. If you have dry skin, you may need to exfoliate daily. Be gentle on it and then always moisturize.

6.Don’t be afraid to wear makeup, but be careful.

Use makeup that suits your skin type and remove it before bed to prevent breakouts. If you wear makeup every day, leave it off for a day or two and give your skin a break. Powder-Based Makeup are great for oily skin, but liquid or cream foundations are better for dry skin. Clean your makeup brushes regularly to prevent the buildup and spread of acne-causing bacteria.

7.Read product labels carefully, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Not every ingredient in skin care products is safe for the skin. Avoid products that contain the following ingredients: parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Remember, “parabens” don’t always come by themselves. It is often part of longer ingredients such as methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben.

If you have sensitive skin, consider fragrance-free products.

Take Care of Your Skin
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