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How to choose exfoliator

April 27, 2022
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By now, you’re probably well aware that exfoliation is an essential part of any good skincare routine. But you may be wondering which exfoliator you should use.Don’t worry – we’re here to answer all your questions and teach you everything you need to know about exfoliating for smoother, brighter, and more even skin.

Choosing the Right Exfoliator for Your Skin

For normal skin: Choose any exfoliator that feels comfortable. Your skin should tolerate most exfoliants, but if you use a manual scrub, it may be irritated. For best results, try using both chemical and manual exfoliants, but use them on different days. This will help you get the benefits of both without stressing your skin.

Exfoliate Oily Skin with Chemicals or Scrubs

For oily skin: Use a strong chemical exfoliator or use a scrub. Some chemical exfoliants are stronger than others. Look for products that list a high percentage of BHA or AHA on the label. Or, use a manual facial scrub to remove dead skin cells.

Gently Scrub Sensitive Skin with a Washcloth and Acids

For dry, sensitive or acne-prone skin: Use a washcloth and a chemical exfoliant. Look for a mild chemical exfoliant such as glycolic or lactic acid. Apply it to a washcloth for more exfoliation. Then, gently scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells.

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