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How should parents help their baby care for their hair

February 28, 2022
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Let’s take a look together:

  1. Let your baby get enough sleep
    The baby’s poor hair quality is not necessarily caused by pathological reasons, it may also be caused by poor sleep quality. Poor sleep quality as your baby grows can seriously affect your baby’s health.
  2. Balanced and reasonable nutrition
    In daily life, parents should give their babies meat, fish, eggs, fruits and various vegetables to supplement balanced nutrition. Kelp and kelp are high in iodine, which is great for the health of your baby’s hair. It can be included in your baby’s daily diet.
  3. Comb your baby’s hair regularly
    Many parents think their baby’s hair is too thin to comb. In fact, no matter how much hair your baby has, it should be brushed regularly. Regularly brushing your baby’s hair not only keeps the hair neat, but also stimulates the scalp, helps blood circulation, and promotes healthy hair growth.
  4. Keep baby’s hair clean
    Babies have a strong metabolism and develop at an amazing rate. If you don’t wash your hair in time, it is likely to cause the oil, sweat and pollutants on the scalp to irritate the scalp and even cause scalp infections. If conditions permit, mothers should wash their baby’s hair every day. Frequent shampooing can bring benign irritation to the scalp, which is conducive to healthy hair growth.

Tip: Parents must pay attention to whether the water temperature is appropriate when shampooing their baby’s hair, preferably around 37°C-38°C. Shampoo products should be mild, non-irritating baby shampoos.

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