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How do I improve my skin’s quality naturally?

May 11, 2021
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My answer might appear a bit awkward but this is what changed my skin forever.

My skin was not perfect – I had some acne scars, enlarged pores, uneven pigmentation… Nothing serious but all those imperfections made me feel conscious about my appearance. Unfortunately, I did not have many options, as I tried various natural recipes and OTH products but there were no visible improvements.

2 months ago, I came across an article aboutancient geishas’ beauty secrets, which explained how they prepared the rice water they used as facial toners. I was instantly impressed by the idea, I even checked some clinical trials proving the positive effects of the topical application of rice, so decided to try it.

During the first week, I applied my rice water preparation every single day:

· You need a handful of rice

· Add some water

· Wait half an hour

· Apply the so-prepared ‘rice toner’ to the face and neck using a cotton swab

The first effect I experienced after the rice water dried out, it was some tightening sensation, while my skin became brighter.

I used the toner every day for about a week (I stored it in the refrigerator) and noticed that my skin became less dull and visibly brightened.

And I would have continued the same routine if I didn’t come up with an even-better-idea.

I decided to use rice flour (it is sold almost everywhere and is very cheap). You can even blend some rice in a blender, you’ll get the same product 😉

· Again, you need a handful of rice flour

· Add some water until you obtain a thick paste

· Wait half an hour

· Apply the paste to the facial area

· Leave it on for an hour and then wash the face

While removing the rice flour mask, you will also exfoliate the dead skin cells, dirt and sebum accumulated in your pores.

When I did this for the first time I was even more impressed as the effect was immediate! My skin never looked so good before – this is the glowing skin I always wanted to have but never did because something was missing.

This game changer turned out to be rice flour. I finally managed to even out my overall complexion (you can find more recipes for uneven skin tone here)- I had some old acne scars and open pores, covering my T-zone. The scarring is almost invisible now (I am using rice flour masks for almost three months), I no longer have the ‘enlarged pores’ problem, my skin looks radiant and refreshed all the time.

And I even found an additional skin hack – I sometimes don’t sleep well, this is why dark circles and puffy eyes are common issues for me. Good news is that I managed to reduce the effect of those sleepless nights thanks to the rice flour mask (I just apply the mixture to the area surrounding the eyes).

I don’t recommend trying it, as the fine rice particles can easily flake and they can enter your eyes. And, believe me, this is painful!

Both recipes I shared with you do not require long time investments or money. They are super easy to prepare, you can use them for as long as you want, they don’t have harmful effects and the only thing you can expect is a glowing, blemish-free skin. You won’t lose anything if you try it.

Of course, you can also use our skin care product rice toner, so you can apply it directly on your face without any preparation and no need to spend your time.

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