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How do cosmetics giants stay ahead of international competition in 2023?

April 13, 2023
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Similar to species competition in the biological world, the cosmetics industry is undergoing a brutal process of “survival of the fittest”. The company is constantly innovating, introducing new products, new formulations, and compelling marketing to stay ahead of its competitors. Some are expanding their customer base by entering new markets through mergers and acquisitions or increasing their global presence. Brand want to break out from the red Sea of cosmetics, it is extremely easy to fall into the “suicide” volume, so it is necessary for brand owners to choose the right path, choose the right track, step by step development of brand flagship products and keep pace with The Times to adjust the brand development path. Only in this way can consumers see and love from thousands of brands and products. How do cosmetics giants stay ahead of international competition in 2023? Let’s explore together.

Cosmetics giants now use a variety of strategies to stay ahead of the curve in beauty products. These strategies include a focus on product innovation and development, expanding into new markets, acquiring small companies, aggressive marketing campaigns and cutting edge technology. The following points will be specific.

Product innovation and development is the driving force of brand development.

Cosmetics companies must constantly innovate and develop products to meet customer needs and remain attractive to target markets. Brands must ensure that their products are of high quality and deliver the promised results so that consumers can see exactly how their skin looks after treatment. This includes leveraging cutting-edge research and maintaining high standards of safety and efficacy. Companies must also work with industry experts to keep up with changing tastes and trends. At the same time, AI is also being used in innovation and product development. Cosmetics giants are using artificial intelligence (AI) to help streamline product innovation and development. AI is used for trend analysis, product analysis, and component analysis. Ai can analyze customer data to identify patterns, trends, preferences, and behaviors that can be used to create the most successful products. Ai allows brands to launch innovative products quickly and efficiently by providing insight into customer behavior that would take months or years to discover manually. Ai also helps brands stay competitive and stay on top by making product development more efficient and cost effective. In a word, making maximum use of technology for innovation is the best path to development. To stay competitive, cosmetics companies need to stay on the cutting edge of technology. They use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and 3D manufacturing to develop new products and optimize efficiency.

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Digital marketing attracts customers’ attention.

Digital marketing has become the key for cosmetics giants to attract customers’ attention to their products and brand values. Digital marketing includes a series of digital technical actions from contacting customers through digital channels, digging into customer needs, analyzing customer consumption behaviors, and making corresponding digital marketing behaviors.

First, giant brands use digital channels to reach customers, such as social media, search engine optimization and email marketing. They should also have a strong presence on mobile devices to ensure that their products and services are easily accessible to their target customers. Then, big data and analysis are used to understand customers’ preferences, needs and behaviors, and product development is carried out by obtaining product preferences, concerned ingredients, preferred design styles and product materials and texture from every interaction and feedback with customers. Finally, according to the development of products in line with consumer preferences to make marketing activities to attract customer attention. Not only that, strengthening the online image is also a way of marketing. Companies should invest in their online presence, including optimizing their websites for search engine optimization, optimizing their product page conversions, using influencer marketing, and promoting their products through social media platforms. Doing so will help businesses reach as many customers as possible while expanding their reach and creating more growth opportunities.

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Environmental protection products have become a consumer preference.

The development of environmental protection products should become the direction of the efforts and breakthroughs of the giant brands. By creating sustainable and green products, cosmetics companies can appeal to a wide variety of consumers, including those looking for more ethical products. Companies should focus on producing products that are free of synthetic materials, contain natural organic ingredients, and are cruelty-free. In terms of ingredient selection, the company can consider natural plant extracts, recyclable ingredients, such as milk, moringa seed, algae extracts, etc. In terms of packaging selection, we should try our best to choose products with materials that can be recycled and easily degraded. In terms of design style, the color choice is relatively light design style, convenient secondary use. The secondary utilization rate of dark color packaging will be relatively low. In general, companies should pay attention to sustainable development and ensure that their operations make a positive contribution to the environment. Companies should use environmentally friendly materials, adhere to sustainable production practices, and promote the reuse and recycling of products.

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What a brand sells is not only a product, but also a service experience.

Companies should strive to provide outstanding customer service, including providing a personalized experience, fast response times, and taking steps to ensure customer satisfaction. The company should also pay attention to the after-sales service of the products and accept customer feedback to improve the products and services. At the same time, the company provides discounts and promotions to increase customer satisfaction in the service experience. Discounts and promotions are effective ways to boost sales and keep customers loyal. They can be used to increase brand awareness and loyalty, while also attracting cost-conscious customers. The company should offer regular discounts and promotions to increase the rate of re-purchase and increase the number of “repeat customers”.

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Choosing a reliable product manufacturer is the cornerstone of product quality assurance.

Choosing a reliable product manufacturer requires checking the production capacity of the factory, the legitimacy of the certificates it holds, whether it has a good research and development team, whether it offers a variety of formula options, etc. Guangzhou XIRAN cosmetics co.LTD has 15 years experience in product OEM/ODM customization. It is a company integrating industry and trade. The company specializes in skin care products, hair care products, baby products, mom products and other cosmetics, with an excellent research team and a proven formula selection. The company provides product formula customization, packaging customization, logo design customization for brand customers. Excellent one-stop service received a lot of customer praise, customer groups all over the world.

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Choosing good suppliers and building strong relationships with them are essential building blocks for any brand that wants to remain competitive. The company should aim to build long-term relationships with reliable, cost effective and trustworthy suppliers. This will help ensure that suppliers can meet the company’s needs and deliver high quality products at competitive prices.

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