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Does sunscreen cause skin care?

April 22, 2021
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Applying sunscreen every day does not harm the skin. You need to pay attention to skin care throughout the year, and you need to prevent ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen can play a role in blocking UV damage, so it will inevitably make the skin feel a little stuffy and the pores will not breathe smoothly. Therefore, you need to use a special makeup remover or facial cleanser that can remove light makeup every night to clean the skin carefully, as long as you are serious Clean, sunscreen is almost no harm, otherwise it will bring the harm of enlarged pores and rough skin.

Sunscreen should be applied throughout the year. Ultraviolet rays are present regardless of whether it is sunny or cloudy, or in summer or winter. It is just that the sunscreen used in different seasons has different sun protection factors, which can provide adequate protection. In this way, it can delay the photoaging process of the skin and play an anti-aging effect.

In summer, many women outdoors use parasols to prevent direct sunlight from damaging their skin. In fact, such a highly respected physical sunscreen is the best, and it also reduces the burden on the skin. But if the skin is exposed to the sun, then applying sunscreen is the necessary protection.

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