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Are you still worrying about daily beauty routine

February 24, 2022
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Hello everyone, welcome to the beauty and skin care knowledge sharing class.

We all know that daily beauty care is more than just using skin care products. In fact, there are many beauty and skincare secrets in our daily life. Here are some key points you need to pay attention to when it comes to skin care.

  1. Don’t squeeze pimples with your hands:
    We always want to squeeze pimples on our face with our hands. Because the skin wound is likely to come into contact with the bacteria on the hands, resulting in scars and acne marks in the future. But you can use acne patch, this product is so much better than squeezing it out with your hands.
  2. Learn to smile:
    If the long-term facial smile is too exaggerated, the wrinkles on the face will be very obvious. So women have to learn to smile, which is more effective than apply Facial mask.
  3. The mud mask time:
    Mud masks are deep cleansing products. Unless it’s a sleeping mask, it should be washed off within 30 minutes, generally no more than 15 minutes, long-term use of a mud mask can cause our skin to get worse.

The road to skin care for girls is a long process that cannot be accomplished overnight. If you want to take care of your appearance, you need to know more about skin care. Just follow us, we can help you!

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