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Advice for girls: keep in mind “4 don’t” when shampooing

February 24, 2022
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In this issue, we will talk about how to wash your hair.

  1. Don’t wash your hair directly
    People with a lot of oil on the scalp should wash it with shampoo directly if it comes up. It takes at least 2 times to wash it clean, and it is not easy to foam. So you should rinse your head carefully with warm water first, and gently massage the scalp with your fingertips to help remove surface dirt. The rest are small oily particles hidden deep in the hair follicles or tightly adsorbed. At this time, the thoroughly opened scalp pores and the shampoo on the hair are cleaned once.
  2. Don’t apply the conditioner to the scalp
    When we use conditioner, do not apply it to the scalp. The conditioner should be applied to about 3/4 of our hair, and the key areas should be applied to the ends of the hair, but not to the roots. Hair care products are more difficult to clean than shampoo, so be sure to use water several times until the hair is not sticky to the touch.
  3. Do not dry your hair (Meaning you need to dry it)
    Blow-drying is a big project, especially for girls with long hair, who are often lazy to blow until they are half-dry. In fact, long-term wet hair can damage the scalp and hair. Especially for those with oily heads, the wet scalp environment is not only easy to breed bacteria, but also causes abnormal contraction of hair follicles, which can also lead to excessive secretion of oil, resulting in oily hair.
  4. Don’t choose shampoo containing silicone oil
    Many people like to use silicone oil shampoo. It is true that silicone oil can soften the hair of fried Maoxing people, but it is not very good for oily hair. The silicone oil deposited on the scalp will make oily sisters oily. Silicone-free oil is more dry and fluffy after washing, and it is also very friendly to fine and loose hair. At the same time, it is not recommended to use oil-control shampoos with particularly strong cleaning power. The oil-removing power is strong, but it will also take away normal sebum. Moreover, this type of shampoo is highly alkaline, which will change the acid-base environment of the scalp, causing the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. It was very refreshing just after washing, but the speed of hair oil was getting faster and faster.

Therefore, the first choice should be an amino acid shampoo, preferably one with a fluffy effect, to ensure mildness and a good cleaning power.

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