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How to skin care for men

More and more men are now paying attention to the care of their skin. However, many men are confused about the skincare routine. In order to have healthy skin, apart from the help of good products, the right skin care routine is also crucial. Without the right skin care routine, repeatedly good products will be futile.

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1. Wet the skin with lukewarm water.
Warm water will open up your pores and help your cleanser lather, giving you a nice clean.
Make sure the water is warm. If it's too cold, the pores will close and you won't be able to clean them. If it's too hot, your skin can get irritated. Apply water by hand.
2. Choose the right facial cleanser.
You need a mild cleanser that is free of alcohol and any other harsh chemicals. These can further irritate your skin instead of cleaning it. Remember to apply with your hands, not a towel.
Identifying your skin type may help you choose the right type of face wash for your skin.
Use a liquid facial cleanser instead of a cleansing soap. If you have naturally oily skin, this may be fine, but if you have dry skin, soap may cause irritation. If you notice tight or itchy skin after washing, try switching to a liquid facial cleanser.
If you suffer from acne, look for cleansers that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzyl peroxide. These ingredients will give you a deeper clean.
3. Exfoliate your skin.
If your skin is dirty or you've been sweating profusely recently, you may need a deeper clean. Exfoliating removes dead skin and dirt, revealing a shiny new layer underneath. Likewise, opt for an alcohol-free exfoliator.
While most people exfoliate their face, you can also exfoliate your elbows and knees to help soften your skin.
4. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel.
After cleansing, rinse well to allow dirt and bacteria to flow out of pores. Then pat your face lightly with a towel until it dries. Do not rub the towel on your face. This can irritate your skin.
5. Apply moisturizer.
Washing your face removes essential oils that protect your skin. To keep your face healthy, apply a moisturizer every time you wash your face.
For dry skin, use a creamy moisturizer. For normal skin, use lotion. For oily skin, use a gel.
6. Repeat this process only twice a day.
Excessive washing can remove oil and cause irritation. You don't need to wash twice a day to keep your skin healthy. However, if you've just worked out and are sweating profusely, you can wash more often.

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