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How to choose the right mask for different skin types

Now it is already the era of universal beauty, wearing a mask has become the easiest and fastest way to beauty, girls wearing a mask is no longer the trend, now many boys have joined the ranks of wearing a mask, really beauty is not divided into men and women, the correct way to choose a mask has become an encyclopedia for everyone to choose a mask.

1) The right choice for oily skin: hydrating and oil-control masks
To prevent an oily face and the subsequent acne and pimple problems, it is best for people with oily skin to choose a mask with a good hydrating and oil-controlling effect, so that the skin is fully moisturised while restoring the oil/water balance. You can pick masks that are rich in aloe vera for useful moisturisation and sterilisation and anti-inflammation. In addition, you can moderately exfoliate and deep cleanse, which can unclog pores and facilitate the absorption of maintenance products.

2) The right choice for dry skin: a nourishing and moisturising mask
Dry skin is prone to over-exfoliation, peeling and dullness. A mask that is moisturising and has a certain whitening and rejuvenating effect can be just the right remedy. Before doing the mask, it is best to remove dead skin to promote the absorption of nutrient solutions into the skin.
In summer you can choose a cool and soothing moisturising mask, while in autumn and winter a mask with a higher degree of hydration is recommended. You can prime your skin with a cream before applying the mask, which will make it safer.
3) Choose the right mask for combination skin paying attention to the T-zone and forehead
Mixed skin in addition to the need for normal moisturizing and moisturizing, but also to strengthen the key parts of the T-zone and brain special care, in the application of the mask, and even to be able to residual in the bag of nutrients applied to these areas to enhance maintenance. t-zone to strengthen deep cleaning, once a week to clean the mask, u-zone (cheeks, eye skin) to strengthen the moisturizing and moisturizing, can be used to apply a cotton sheet water film in the u-zone.

Sensitive skin has a thin epidermis and poor self-maintenance ability, making it prone to dullness, wrinkles, peeling and prominent capillaries. When choosing a mask with high natural ingredients, it would be good if the mask contains anti-allergy ingredients. Of course, a sensitivity test is an essential step before use. In addition, sensitive skin should try to use skincare products with fresh and soft formulations and fragrance-free, and pay attention to protection from external influences such as sunlight and sand.

5) The right choice for normal skin: moisturising and treatment-based masks
Compared to other skin types, normal skin is more stable and easier to maintain. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular products. It is very easy for a neutral skin type to turn into a dry skin type due to lack of water and oxygen, so you should use skin care products that have good water and moisturizing effects. 
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