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How do I develop a skin care routine for my face?

There are 6 basic skin care products that we need for daily skin care. Let's take a look at which ones are missing in your skin care products!

          1, facial cleanser; I believe that every cutie with skin care habits has facial cleanser. Facial cleanser is the first step in our skin care. It is the most basic and essential skin care product. Only after our skin has been thoroughly cleansed, the next series of skin care actions will become meaningful and effective. One more thing to note, facial cleanser should be used sooner or later. Because, in the morning, you need to clean and turn around the dirt and excess oil metabolized by the skin at night; in the evening, in addition to cleaning off the excess oil, you must also clean off the dirt and other dirt that sticks to your face when you go out.

           2, face toner; use toner after using facial cleanser, because the effect of toner is to deeply clean the skin and can effectively deep clean the dirt in the skin. Moreover, the toner has the effect of hydrating and moisturizing, keeping the stratum corneum of our skin moisturized. Therefore, the toner should be used after cleansing and before applying the mask. While cleaning the skin again, it can also help us to apply the mask to get better absorption.
face toner
           3, facial masks. There are several types of facial masks, such as flaky, mud-like, and disposable sleep masks. I don't need to elaborate on the role of the mask. Everyone should know that it mainly focuses on hydrating, moisturizing and repairing. Of course, there are also whitening, freckle, and acne removal. However, we should pay attention to two points when applying the mask. One is not to apply it every day, two or three times a week, otherwise the excessive application will increase the burden on the skin and cause skin problems such as acne and long fat particles. Second, don't apply the mask for too long. Apply it according to its remarks, usually 15 to 20 minutes. If it is applied for too long, it will also increase the burden on the skin.

face mask
          4, face serum; after you apply the mask, be sure to use water to cleanse thoroughly than the remaining essence on the skin. Especially at the junction of eyebrows, hair and face, if these areas are not cleaned, acne is easy to develop. The essence can be used after cleansing, because the essence is a high-concentration polymer skin care product, so you must pay attention to the amount when using it, usually about three drops. Do not use too much, otherwise, it will not only waste the essence, but also increase the burden on the skin, which will cause other skin problems.

face serum
          5, lotions and creams. Many cute little ones will feel that they have already used the essence and should not need to use other skin care products in the future! In fact, after using the essence, you must use lotions and creams to replenish and lock in moisture. However, I believe that many little cute people will think that the two kinds of skin care effects of cream and lotion are similar, and both have the effect of moisturizing and moisturizing. There seems to be no difference except that one of them is relatively loose and the other is relatively sticky. In fact, the lotion has the effect of replenishing and locking water, but the moisturizing effect is not as good. The feature of face cream is moisturizing, so in the dry season of autumn and winter, lotion and face cream should be used.
          6, it is enough to complete one of the series of skin care actions. However, there is also a must-have skin care product, which is one by one sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays will not only tan us, but also accelerate the aging of our skin. Don't be foolish to think that it is autumn and winter, and the ultraviolet rays are relatively weak, so do not apply sunscreen. We must wear sunscreen when we go out, otherwise, the skin care actions we worked so hard before will be wasted.

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