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4 tips for "At Home Skincare"

April 21, 2022
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Nowadays, the epidemic is recurring and we should pay more attention to protection. It is a woman’s nature to love beauty, and many of my friends around me have complained that they live at home and have not been out shopping for a long time, and want to buy some skin care products to take good care of their skin. But I think even without buying skin care products, we have some small tricks in our daily lives that can help improve the state of our skin very well.

Hot towel gentle exfoliation

The metabolism of the skin is a certain time, with the growth of new stratum corneum, the old waste stratum corneum will also float on the surface of the skin, so we have to properly remove the old waste stratum corneum. The method is very simple: put the towel in warm water, hot water soaked towel, and then twist dry water on the face, so repeatedly three or five times, can be very good to open the pores, gentle removal of old keratin, and then apply hydrating cream can be.

Gentle face wash

In fact, everyone in the home office, life is often not makeup, and we are in the home environment is more stable, not as long as outside the office need to contact with ultraviolet rays, so when washing the face does not need to be overly clean. If the skin is just a thin layer of oil, or face is not very dirty, wash your face with water can be, gentle face wash can also be very good to protect our skin.

Toner wet compress

The actual fact is that you can use a toner as a mask at this time. The daily use of toner, pour it on a disposable cotton pad, cotton pad fully wet toner, then put on the face.

Body lotion hand and foot care method

Summer is the season to wear small skirts and hot pants, so to maintain the skin more smooth. If you have an inexhaustible body lotion at home, then you can take it out to do hand and foot masks.
The method of doing hand and foot masks with body lotion is very simple: apply body lotion on your hands and feet, the amount can be more, then wrap it in a plastic bag, if you have enough time, you can insist on half an hour or so, then wipe off the excess body lotion gently with a tissue, and wash it off with water afterwards. Do it once or twice a week, hands and feet can become more white and smooth, summer wear skirts and sandals are not afraid.

At Home Skincare
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